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Snelling Site Redevelopment Opportunity
The Metropolitan Council and Metro Transit, together with the City of Saint Paul and Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation, have been working since 2012 to facilitate the redevelopment of two properties, totaling 14.7 acres near Snelling and University Avenues in Saint Paul.

Recent discussions with adjacent property owner, RK Midway LLC, about expanding the development site north to include an 18.8 acre, grocery-anchored shopping center and one-acre bank building provide a total redevelopment opportunity of 34.5 acres.

All four properties are adjacent to the new Green Line which began operation in June 2014.

Using the Snelling Station Area Plan as the basis, the parties engaged a real estate consultant team to develop recommendations on how the three parties can cooperate to pursue transit-oriented development on the entire 34.5 acres.

Snelling-Midway SmartSite TOD Development Strategy - Report of Findings and Recommendations

The report provides recommendations on elements for achieving high quality transit-oriented development on the site and makes suggestions on methods of phasing, financing, placement, character, and process to help align the site with projected market conditions and the City of Saint Paul's adopted Snelling Station Area Plan.

The three parties are now reviewing the consultant's recommendations to decide what next steps are appropriate to take. Community engagement and input will be key in the planning phases when specific redevelopment concepts are developed.

While full redevelopment will likely be phased over a period of years, the planning team will begin collecting broader community input. Questions to provide input will be posted on Open Saint Paul.

March 2015 update: Metro Transit TOD Office staff presentation to the Metropolitan Council.

Site Highlights
  • 34.5 acre area bounded by University Ave., Snelling Ave., I-94, and Pascal St. It includes the Midway Shopping Center, and 15 acres of vacant property to the south.
  • Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit owns 10 acres at the northeast corner of Snelling & I-94. RK Midway LLC owns the remaining property on the Snelling Site.
  • Current Businesses: 41
  • Parking Spaces: approximately 1,587 spaces (1,257 marked)
  • Current Average Daily Traffic Volumes: Snelling = 35,000; University = 24,000
  • Projected LRT Ridership: 2,900 boardings at the Snelling Station and 41,000 daily Green Line riders (by 2030)
  • Floor Area Ratio (FAR): 0.32 for existing development, 1.0 required for new development
  • Population (approximate travel times):
    • Within .5 mile = 3,712 (20 minute walk)
    • Within 1 mile = 23,132 (10 minute bike ride)
    • Within 2 miles = 79,539 (10 minute bus/LRT ride)
    • Within 5 miles = 393,696 (15 minute drive)

Redevelopment Goals

The three parties (Metropolitan Council, City of Saint Paul and RK Midway LLC) have agreed that redevelopment, when completed, should substantially achieve the following goals: 

  • Provide a model for transit-oriented development in the region
  • Achieve the Snelling Station Area Plan goal of creating a mixed-use urban village
  • Increase the city's jobs and tax base
  • Demonstrate a high level of urban design with new public spaces and streets
  • Encourage further intensification of the surrounding area
  • Increase transit use and minimize traffic congestion
  • Have the support of the community
  • Recognize the value of income-producing buildings currently on the site
  • Meet each party's financial objectives
  • Leverage local cultural assets and surrounding amenities

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