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Youth Sports Registration
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Saint Paul Parks & Recreation is committed to providing quality athletic programming for youth of all ages and abilities. Our program is built on the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship and respect for one’s self and one’s opponent. 

The early bird gets the discount! Register online during one of the first five days registration is open and you automatically receive a discount. The earlier you register, the bigger the discount. So act fast - these discounts are only good for the first five days of each registration period.

Registration Discounts
Day 1 = 25 percent
Day 2 = 20 percent
Day 3 = 10 percent
Day 4 = 10 percent
Day 5 = 10 percent

Example: Register for Basketball on September 1 and take 25% off the program fee. Register for Basketball on September 3 and take 10% off.

  • All participants must either live in Saint Paul or attend a public, private or charter school in Saint Paul.
  • Registrations are taken over the phone or in person at the recreation centers, or online.
  • Participants must provide a copy of a birth certificate or proof-of-age document at the time of registration.
  • Non-residents must show proof of enrollment in a Saint Paul school for the current school year.
  • All participants must comply with all other requirements such as age guidelines.
  • Fee is due at the time of registration.
  • Late registrations may be charged a late fee.
  • Call your local recreation center for more information.
  • Registering for a sport at a center does not guarantee a child will play at that center. When a center does not have enough players to make a team, every effort is made to place players at the closest center with a team. Also, due to limited field space and/or gym space there are times when teams must travel to another site to practice.


Players playing on more than one team or in a higher division.
  • Players participating in the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation's youth sports programs may be eligible to play on more than one team in a particular sport if the following guidelines are met:
    • Players may not play on more than one team within the same age group in SPPR leagues.
    • Players may play on more than one SPPR league team if they are in a different age group, and if the person is eligible by age in both. He or she must also meet the following criteria:
        1. Players may play up one division if there are not enough players in the older division to field a team in that division and those players would not have the opportunity to play without the younger players moving up.
        2. Permission must be granted to a Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Staff and the Parent of the player.
    • A player, in the opinion of the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Staff, Coaches, and Parent/s, has the skills and physical ability to compete in the older division and will not displace a player that is in the appropriate division.
    • If a player plays in more than one age group, they can only play in one age group during the playoff tournament.

Playing with a "buddy"
Youth have an opportunity to play with a friend, if requested. Each participant may request one friend as a “buddy”. The buddy requested must also request you in order for the buddy request to be considered a match. All other requests (e.g. multiple buddies, buddy chains) will not be granted.

Siblings are always buddied unless a specific request not to do so is made. Learn more about the Buddy Request Policy.


All refunds are subject to a $10 administration charge unless the program is canceled or filled. No refunds granted after the first season game has begun.


Register online or contact your local recreation center. Late registrations may be accepted if space allows.

Spring Sports
January 1-31
Summer Sports
March 1-31
Fall Sports
June 1-30
Winter Sports
September 1-30

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