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The following is a list of current and upcoming construction projects or planning studies with a significant bicycle component.

Cleveland Avenue Bicycle Corridor

A Community Working Group comprised of representatives from local District Councils, businesses, bicycle advocacy groups, and nearby colleges has been formed to develop a neighborhood-supported north-south bicycle route that runs from Randolph Avenue to University Avenue between Fairview Avenue and Mississippi River Boulevard.

Ramsey County Mill & Overlay Projects

Ramsey County will be performing a mill & overlay of several streets in Saint Paul in 2015. Two of these mill & overlay projects will provide an opportunity to implement bicycle facilities.


Saint Paul Mill & Overlay Projects

The City of Saint Paul Department of Public Works will be performing mill and overlays of several city streets in fall 2015. Three of these mill and overlay projects will provide an opportunity to implement new bicycle facilities.

  • Oakdale Avenue – Annapolis Street to State Street, State Street to Cesar Chavez (PROJECT WEBSITE)
  • Western Avenue – Como Avenue to University Avenue (PROJECT WEBSITE)
  • Minnehaha Avenue – Lexington Parkway to Dale Street (PROJECT WEBSITE)

Saint Paul Projects

Montreal Avenue Reconstruction
(PROJECT WEBSITE) - This is a full reconstruction project of Montreal Avenue between Saint Paul Avenue and Snelling Avenue. Heavy construction is mostly complete, but final striping and roadway marking will be completed yet this spring 2015. The project will add 0.5 miles of bike lanes between Fairview Avenue and Snelling Avenue, and will add Shared Lane Markings between Saint Paul Avenue and Fairview Avenue.

Lilydale Reconstruction, Phase II (PROJECT WEBSITE) - This project is reconstructing 0.8 miles of the roadway and trail through Lilydale Regional Park east of the Phase I reconstruction completed in 2013, and Phase II is scheduled to be complete in 2015.

Bruce Vento Regional Trail Realignment (Prince Street Reconstruction) (PROJECT WEBSITE) - Construction of the CHS Ballfield required realigning the Bruce Vento Regional Trail along Prince Street, a new roadway being constructed east of Broadway Street in Lowertown. When complete, the project will realign about 0.4 miles of the Bruce Vento Regional Trail terminating near Prince Street and Broadway Street.

Western Avenue Reconstruction (PROJECT WEBSITE) - This is a full roadway reconstruction project that will add approximately 0.5 miles of bike lanes on Western Avenue between University Avenue and Marshall Avenue, with an additional two blocks of Shared Lane Markings to continue the bikeway south to Selby Avenue.

Franklin Avenue (PROJECT WEBSITE) - The City will be reconstructing Franklin Avenue between Emerald Street and Eustis Street, resulting in 0.2 miles of new bike lanes.

Raymond Avenue Phase II (PROJECT WEBSITE) - The City will be reconstructing Raymond Avenue between Hampden Avenue and Energy Park Drive, reconstructing the existing 0.4 miles of bike lanes.

Saint Clair Avenue (PROJECT WEBSITE) - The City will be rehabbing Saint Clair Avenue from Snelling Avenue to Victoria Street. Shared lane markings will be installed between Hamline Avenue and Victoria Street.

Chatsworth Street (PROJECT WEBSITE) - The City will be reconstructing a number of residential streets south of Horton Avenue and East of Lexington Parkway. Shared lane markings will be installed on Chatsworth Street and Van Slyke Avenue between Front Avenue and Horton Avenue.

MnDOT Projects

Lafayette Bridge Reconstruction
(PROJECT WEBSITE) - The Layfette Bridge will include an important new connection across the Mississippi River for people walking and biking. The new trail will provide a roughly 1 mile connection from roughly Plato Boulevard on the west side to Kittson Road and the Bruce Vento Regional Trail north of the river.

Gateway State Trail (PROJECT WEBSITE) - The Gateway State Trail from Arlington Avenue to Cayuga Street will be closed for the 2015 season while MnDOTcontinues work on the I-35E project. The trail is anticipate to open sometime in 2016, including a new extension of the trail to University Avenue along L'Orient Street.

Mackubin Ped Bridge (PROJECT WEBSITE) - MnDOT will be reconstructing the Mackubin Street bicycle and pedestrian bridge over I-94. Work is scheduled to begin in June 2015 and conclude in 2016.

Ramsey County Projects

Warner Bridge @ Childs Road Reconstruction
(PROJECT WEBSITE) - Ramsey County is replacing the eastbound bridge structure on Warner Road at Childs Road, which necessated a full closure of the Sam Morgan Regional Trail. When completed the new trail will be fully grade separated from the Childs Road access ramps, a signficant safety improvement.While construction began in 2013, the current project timeline aims for completion in October 2015.

Ford Parkway (PROJECT WEBSITE) - Ramsey County will be reconstructing Ford Parkway from Howell Street to Snelling Avenue, resulting in 0.7 miles of new bike lanes.

Planning Studies

Downtown Bicycle Network
 (PROJECT WEBSITE) - This project will include a significant planning effort focused on developing a network of bikeways throughout downtown and improving connectivity between downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Phase I will be implemented in conjunction with the reconstruction of Jackson Street in 2016.

Grand Round (PROJECT WEBSITE) - This planning effort is focused on creating a vision for the northern half of the Grand Round, including Pelham Boulevard, Raymond Avenue, Como Avenue, Wheelock Parkway, and Johnson Parkway.

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