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Everything you need to know about parking in Saint Paul.

Residential Permit Parking
Residential Permit Parking Sign
Residential Permit Parking was first established in St. Paul in 1979 and now includes twenty-five individual areas across the City. Intended to provide relief to residential areas where non-residential parking demand is high, residential permit parking gives local residents priority to park in their own neighborhoods.

899 Dale Street NorthResidents can purchase permits from the Traffic Operations building at 899 Dale Street North (see map at right).

Place your permits on your vehicle as shown on our flyer.

If you’d like to make your neighborhood a permit parking area, you’ll have to follow these steps:

  • Speak to your neighbors and district council to see if your neighborhood is interested in becoming a Permit Parking Area, to set the boundary, and to determine the desired parking restrictions.
  • Contact the City of Saint Paul to have a parking survey performed, determine if an informational meeting is desired, and to obtain a petition form.
  • Circulate the petition form to your neighbors. A minimum of eight block faces must be included to create a new Permit Parking Area, and 75% of the property owners within the proposed area must approve the petition.
  • When your petition is deemed valid, a resolution will go to the City Council at a public hearing for approval.
  • If approved, the signs delineating the new Permit Parking Area will be installed in approximately thirty days. In those thirty days, residents will have the opportunity to purchase permits to be prepared for the new restrictions.

Permit Parking Policies

Area 9Looking for additional information about the rules regarding Residential Permit Parking? Take a look at our official policy on Residential Permit Parking.
Special Event Permits

Hang TagHosting a special event where you need additional parking in your neighborhood? You can purchase one day hang tags for your guests by mail, phone, or in person. For more information, call (651) 266-9777.
Permit Parking Area Maps

Residential Permit Parking MapWant to know where the City of Saint Paul’s Permit Parking Areas are located? See our citywide Permit Parking Area map. Looking for the boundaries of a specific area?
Find it in our Document Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

PermitCan’t figure out where to buy permits? Want to know how to add your neighborhood to an existing permit parking area? Wondering where to apply your vehicle sticker? Look for answers in our Residential Permit Parking FAQ.

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