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Homeowners Guide to EAB

The purpose of this guide is to inform Saint Paul residents of the various strategies available for ash tree management in response to emerald ash borer.  Infested ash trees left to die will over time become very brittle and pose a threat to the safety of the public. Homeowners should become familiar with management alternatives for ash and prepare for action. You may also view our Private Ash Tree Management Recommendations to better understand how to manage your ash tree.

 How Do I Manage My Private Property Ash Tree?
Information courtesy of:
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
University of Minnesota Extension



Determine if you have an ash tree.
ash tree identification)

Determine if your tree has EAB.
(EAB detection and identification)



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STEP 3A:   STEP 3b: 
Consider using alternative management strategies.*
  • Removal of ash trees
  • Removal and replacement of ash tree
  • Plant an additional tree on your property prior to ash removal
  • Treatment of high-value ash trees
*Order of strategies is not based on importance


Call Saint Paul Forestry at 651-632-5129 to help determine if your tree is infested with EAB.

Firewood, trees, and stumps that are infested are considered nuisances and must be removed per Title XVII, Chapter 175A of the City of Saint Paul legislative code.
Considerations for ash treatment:
Considerations for ash removal:
  • Emerald ash borers are active between May 1 and August 31. As such, it is recommended to not prune or remove ash trees during this time period. 
  • Be familiar with the Best Management Practices for Known Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Infested Areas.
  • Call the Department of Safety and Insepctions at (651)-266-8989 to get a list of licenced contractors in Saint Paul.
  • Be sure to bring ash logs and brush to Ash Tree Waste Disposal Sites
  • Trees located within the public right of way are managed by Saint Paul Forestry. You must have an approved permit in order to have any work done on a public tree.
Considerations for ash replacement:
  • Select the right tree for the right place. Use the Tree Owners Manual to learn about the benefits of trees, the benefits of site selection, and how to plant and care for trees.
  • Select an appropriate tree for the Twin Cities area by viewing the University of Minnesota Extension's Recommended Trees for Southeast Minnesota: An Ecosystem Approach.
  • Discover the benefits of the urban forest of Saint Paul by viewing Saint Paul Trees, an exploration into the value of Saint Paul's most valuable piece of green infrastructure.                      

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