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Professional Development Institute
                                                                                                                              THOMAS E. SMITH, CHIEF OF POLICE

                   Saint Paul Police Department

                                                                                                                    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE

Saving my partner: The day my warrior instincts kicked in.

 Brotherhood was a big reason Officer Brian Wanschura wanted to be a cop; it's also a big reason his partner is still alive... (More)

Lt. Kevin Dillon (Ret), L.O.C.K.U.P. , L.E.A.D.S. and PDI:

L.O.C.K.U.P.: Overcoming Size Differences for Female Enforcers - 73 Attendees in October!!!

"Best Course I have taken in all my 13 years of experience!"  Eagan PD Officer

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the LOCKUP training! It was amazing information on techniques that make sense! You are a great instructor that obviously knows her stuff AND knows how to teach it. That combination isn’t as common as many think. Thanks for doing what you do and taking the time to share your knowledge with others that want to learn. I remember you saying you teach self-defense classes to young females." DNR-Enf Officer

L.E.A.D.S. Evaluation Summary (More)

Sgt. Ed Lemon,

I was covering an officer I was training on a call in which he was attempting to pick up a party on a parole violation warrant... (More)  

Sgt. Ed Lemon-

I am writing this letter to you about my impressions of the training program (L.E.A.D.S.) which I attended on July 9, 2013, presented by Lt Kevin F. Dillon...(more)

Judith Hanson
City of St Paul Atty's Office- Litigation

Sgt. Ed Lemon-

I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to you personally and to the St. Paul Police Department's Professional Development Institute (PDI). (More)

Sgt. Ed Lemon-

I and other officers, of the Brooklyn Park Police Department, that have participated in St. Paul Police Professional Development Institute (SPPPDI) trainings would like to extend our appreciation... (More)

Sgt. Ed Lemon-

I have been a MACP (Modern Army Combatives Program) instructor for almost a decade in the Army National Guard.  Prior to meeting Kevin DIllon... (More)

PLEASE NOTE:  Once registered, failure to cancel at least 45 days prior to the class
will result in a CREDIT ONLY towards that or other PDI Courses in the future because of incurred set-up expenses.


Minnesota BCA Courses
SPPD'S Professional Development Institute provides premier quality courses that have been rated excellent by active police and correction officers!  We strive to set the Trends, not follow them!
 Sergeant Ed Lemon,
 SPPD Training Unit
 Phone:  (651) 336-0998

Course Evaluations

Course Survey
Date of Course Title of Course Lead By:
Sept 15-19  IPTM: Crime Scene Reconstruction of Shooting Incidents   Donald Barker and Michael Knox
Sept 22-23  FBI-LEEDA: Identity Theft 2-Day Summit  Justin Feffer
Sept 30 GLOCK Basic Armorer Course (FULL)  GLOCK
Oct 1-2 GLOCK Advanced Armorer Course  GLOCK
Oct 13-17  Basic SWAT Operator Course   SPPD SWAT and Range Staff
Oct 28-29  Background Investigation for Public Safety  SPPD Staff
Oct 30-31 L.O.C.K.U.P. Overcoming Size Differences for FE  Lt Kevin Dillon/Sgt Toni Weinbeck
Nov 4-5 Neil Nelson:  Interview and Interrogation    Cmdr Neil Nelson (Ret)
November 7  Sovereign Citizens for Law Enforcement (FULL)   Rob Finch 
November 8, Sat  Sovereign Citizens for Law Enforcement-2nd Day Added!   Rob Finch
Nov 12-13  Aerko Int'l: Aerosol Weapons Instructor    Kevin J Dallett and Les Hammond
December 1  Lifeline/Calibre Press: The Warrior's Edge  Calibre Press Staff
December 1-5 Soulis Shooting: Advanced Firearms Instructor   Pete Soulis and LOCKUP Staff
December 2-3  Grant Writing Course  Grant Writing USA
Jan 23, 2015  Calibre Press: TNT-Tactics in Traffic   Calibre Press Staff
March 9, 2015  Calibre Press: Female Enforcers  Calibre Press Staff
April 7, 2015  Inside the Tape: Homicide Scene Management for Patrol   Det. David Newman (Ret)
May 13-14, 2015  Calibre Press: Street Survival  Calibre Press Staff
Sept 17-18, 2015  Calibre Press: Ultimate Field Training Officer  Calibre Press Staff
Dec 4, 2015  Caibre Press: Anatomy of Force Incidents   Calibre Press Staff
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