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Seal Coating Program
Advantages of Seal Coating
In 2012, the City reestablished an 8 year cycle on the Seal Coat program on residential streets.
To accomplish this, the city is split into 8 areas.

Seal coating preserves the condition of the pavement by sealing the surface and small cracks within the existing asphalt pavement. When this type of preventative maintenance is used, a typical pavement may last 40 years before it needs to be reconstructed.  Arterial streets (main roads)  and concrete alleys are not a part of this program.  Because of the heavier loads and higher traffic volume, arterial streets receive a mill and overlay as a preservation method (see mill and overlay). The City does not seal streets within 2 years of a street reconstruction project.

The seal coating program is included as a part of your Right of Way Assessment.

The Process
The street surface is first swept clean of all loose pavement and dust.
The surface of the asphalt is then completely covered with a layer of liquid asphalt using a tank truck called a distributor. Then a layer of gravel is layed over the liquid asphalt with a machine called a chip spreader.The city uses torpedo gravel (egg shaped) or crushed granite gravel chips.  The gravel is worked into the asphalt with a rubber tire roller.
Traffic may be put back on the street within several minutes of  placing and compacting the gravel. Traffic also helps to work the gravel into the soft asphalt. The next day the streets are swept to pick up any loose gravel and recovered and screened for use in the following days' work.

See the process in action in this fun and informative video!

2013 Seal Coat Project
Starting August 1, 2013 and continuing through the first 2 weeks in September, the City will be seal coating paved alleys and residential streets in your area. Streets will be posted with "NO PARKING" signs the day before the seal coating begins. Please comply with the parking restrictions to avoid being towed. We WILL be tagging and towing cars that are in violation of the posted parking restriction.

The general boundaries are Summit Avenue (north), Lexington Avenue (east), Montreal Avenue (south) and Mississippi River Boulevard (west).

If you have specific questions, please call our information line at 266-9700.

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