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Zoning Committee
The Zoning Committee is a sub-committee of the Planning Commission. It advises the Planning Commission on:
  • Amendments to the Zoning Code
  • Determinations of similar use, conditional uses, nonconforming uses, and rezonings

Overview of Zoning
Zoning is a system of land use regulation based on a written ordinance and mapped zoning districts. The uses permitted on a parcel of land depend on its zoning district classification. The zoning map identifies the zoning classification of the property, and the text explains the uses permitted and other related regulations. The text portion of Saint Paul’s zoning code is found in Title VIII (Chapters 60-69) of the City’s Legislative Code. Zoning maps are available in two formats: as a set of 24 panels in PDF format that covers the entire city and as a layer on the City's interactive GIS mapping service (GISmo). The PDF panels are normally updated on an annual basis, with additional updates after larger-scale zoning studies are approved. They are available in color and in black and white. The GISmo zoning layer (found under "Boundaries") is updated monthly or as needed.

The City also has a property information look up feature to find the zoning classification and other information for a property if you have its street address.

Administration of zoning regulations is split between the departments of Safety and Inspections and Planning and Economic Development. There is a fee associated with each zoning application. The Board of Zoning Appeals and Zoning Committee agendas and minutes may be received automatically when updated through the City’s E-Subscription service.

Zoning Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI)

A good deal of general zoning information, including descriptions of various types of zoning applications, application forms, and schedules can be found on the DSI zoning website.

The Zoning Administrator’s Office is located in DSI and is responsible for:
  • Providing general zoning information to the public (call 651-266-9008)
  • Daily administration of the zoning code
  • Staffing the Board of Zoning Appeals and handling variance applications
  • Issuing sign permits, and
  • Site plan review, as well as other functions

Department of Planning and Economic Development (PED)

PED zoning responsibilities include staffing the Planning Commission for reviewing:
    •  Increase parking maximum checklist   
    • Nonconforming Use Permit applications (Which are either Establishments, Re-establishments, Expansion or Relocation, or Changes),
    • Determinations of Similar Use when referred by the Zoning Administrator
    • Variance applications, when they are related to another Planning Commission action (e.g., a CUP, NCUP, Rezoning, etc.)
    • Amendments to the Zoning Code, including
      • Rezoning (Application in Word; PDF) requests by individual property owners
      • City- or area-wide zoning studies
      • Zoning text amendments

    • Public hearings on these applications are held before the Zoning Committee of the Planning Commission. The full Commission takes action on each application the following week. PED zoning staff also coordinates the City’s review of subdivisions, including plats and lot splits. Plats require a public hearing before the City Council; lot splits are approved administratively.

      Decisions of the Planning Commission may be appealed to the City Council. Appeals must be filed within 10 days of the Planning Commission's decision on the Appeal form (Word; PDF) and need to state the errors of fact, procedure, or finding on which the appeal is based.

The members of the Zoning Committee are comprised of the following Planning Commission members.

Dan Edgerton
Kyle Makarios
Paula Merrigan
Gaius Nelson (Chair)
Julie Padilla
Elizabeth (Betsy) Reveal
Barbara Wencl
David Wickiser

The Zoning Committee meets at 3:30 p.m. every other Thursday in City Council Chambers (3rd floor, City Hall) unless otherwise noted below. 

2015 Zoning and Planning Commission Meeting Schedule


January 8, 2015 14-352-705 East Bates Senior Apartments
14-353-762 University of Saint Thomas
   revised staff report for Saint Thomas
1/8/15  1/8/15
January 22, 2015 14-354-654 Nicholas Davis 1/22/15  1/22/15
February 5, 2015 15-022-935 Jerry Walczak
14-355-570 West Grand Avenue Apartments
 2/5/15  2/5/15
February 19, 2015 15-002-935 Jerry Walczak  2/19/15  2/19/15
March 5, 2015 15-007-957 740 East 7th Street rezoning 3/5/15  3/5/15
March 19, 2015 15-014-014 Salvation Army ARC
15-012-760 Model Cities Properties
3/19/15  3/19/15
April 2, 2015 15-017-145 East 7th and Bates Senior Apartments 
15-018-581 Carlson CRE Group
15-018-147 Hawkins Inc.
 4/2/15  4/2/15
 April 16, 2015 15-018-147 Hawkins Inc.
15-022-204 & 15-007-994 Shepard Davern mixed use development and variance
15-011-695 Highland Village mixed use development
15-021-950 Freedom Works, Inc.
4/16/15   4/16/15
April 30, 2015  15-021-950 Freedom Works memo & additional information
15-021-950 Freedom Works staff report and packet
15-020-454 Cory & Pamela Biladeau
15-024-667 Hoyeboy Automotive postponed to May 14, 2014
15-023-966 TNT Fireworks
15-022-097 Wilebski's Blues Saloon Parking Lot 
4/30/15   4/30/15
May 14, 2015  15-030-369 Twin Cities Concrete Products
15-024-667 James Hoye/Hoyeboy Automotive
15-027-778 Gowshoua Vang 
5/14/15   5/14/15
May 28, 2015   15-027-778 Gowshoua Vang
 15-033-859 New Plan Learning
5/28/15   5/28/15
June 11, 2015  15-033-859 New Plan Learning
15-037-595 Julin Moua
15-036-555 People Inc. (rezone)
15-036-227 People Inc. (CUP)
6/11/15   6/11/15
July 2, 2015  15-036-555 People Inc. (rezone)
15-036-227 People Inc. (CUP)
15-124-232 St. Luke Lutheran Church
                    revised staff report
15-127-857 K2 Cars
10-602-216 Manuela Dolores Corona 
7/2/15   7/2/15
July 16, 2015  15-133-643 Wesenberg Management Group LLC
15-133-740 St. Anthony Housing
15-133-357 Northern Iron of St. Paul LLC
15-130-256 Meridian Behavioral Health
15-134-166 Best Pawn
15-134-559 Border Foods/Taco Bell
            additional information submitted
15-134-693 and 15-134-770 BleuAnt LLC
Summary Part 1 (cases 1-5) 
Summary Part 2
(cases 6-8)
July 30, 2015   15-134-559 Border Foods/Taco Bell original pkt PART 1
Border Foods/Taco Bell original packet PART 2
Border Foods/Taco Bell NEW INFORMATION
15-138-295 Joan Bassing
15-139-934 Kowalskis
    Kowalskis revised staff report
 Summary  7/30/15
August 13, 2015 15-134-559 Borders Foods/Taco Bell
15-144-605 Dr. Marie Wang
15-138-929 Mike and Joelle Olson
 Summary  8/13/15
August 27, 2015 15-138-295 Joan Bassing
15-143-784 Stone House Tap Room historic use variance pt 1
15-143-784 Stone House Tap Room historic use variance pt 2
15-143-968 Stone House Tap Room variance
15-146-534 Stone Saloon Parking
15-136-832 IAF 2400 University LLC
15-145-496 Timothy Niver
15-144-494 Integrity Auto Sales
 Summary  8/27/15
September 10, 2015 15-153-004 Paikka
15-152-287 Starbucks
ZC Summary
Summary Packet
September 24, 2015 15-154-022 Frogtown Farm Inc.
15-155-228 Holiday Companies
ZC Summary
Summary Packet
October 8, 2015
Meeting Cancelled
October 22, 2015
15-031-255 West Side Flats Phase 3A and 3B
  District Council Letter
ZC Summary
Summary Packet (draft resolution)
November 5, 2015
15-168-310 Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis
15-170-503 Michaelene Spence (975 Wakefield)
15-171-359 Michaelene Spence (453 White Bear Ave)
ZC Summary
Summary Packet (draft resolutions)
***November 24, 2015
15-173-084 Patrick Nseumen
15-173-542 Omar's Auto
    15-173-542 revised staff report
Zoning Fee Study
Summary Packet (draft resolutions)

***meeting is on a Tuesday

Zoning Committee Meeting Archive 

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