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Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is a 21 member advisory body appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. They serve three-year terms and may be reappointed for up to nine years. The Planning Commission was established by MN Statute 462.351 and Ordinance 15350 Administrative Code, Chapter 107. The members are citizen volunteers who are paid small stipends for their efforts. The Planning Commission has several sub-committees: Zoning Committee, Comprehensive Planning Committee, Transportation Committee and Neighborhood Planning Committee.

Saint Paul Planning Commission
Front row (left to right): Betsy Reveal, Paula Merrigan, Barbara Wencl (chair), Terri Thao
Middle row: *Marilyn Porter, Rebecca Noecker, Julie Padilla, Gaius Nelson, Daniel Ward, Jun-Li Wang
Back row: Emily Shively, *Bob Spaulding, Trevor Oliver, Christopher Ochs, Kyle Makarios, Bill Lindeke, Daniel Edgerton
Not pictured: Pat Connolly, Gene Gelgelu, *Tony Schertler, David Wickiser

 * - no longer on the Planning Commission

Pat Connolly
Anne DeJoy
Daniel Edgerton
Gene Gelgelu
William Lindeke
Kyle Makarios
Melanie McMahon
Paula Merrigan (Second Vice-Chair, Comprehensive Planning Committee Chair) 
Gaius Nelson (Zoning Committee Chair) 
Rebecca Noecker
Christopher Ochs
Trevor Oliver (Neighborhood Planning Committee Chair)
Julie (Perrus) Padilla
Betsy Reveal (First Vice-Chair)
Emily Shively
Terri Thao 
Wendy Underwood
Jun-Li Wang
Daniel Ward II (Secretary)
Barbara A. Wencl (Chair)
David Wickiser

Please click here for contact information and biographies for the Planning Commissioners.

Annual Report
The 2013 Saint Paul Planning Commission Annual Report includes some of the highlights of the work the Planning Commission has undertaken in the past year.

2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report

Planning Commission meetings are held at 8:30 a.m. every other Friday in the City Hall basement, rooms 40A and B. 

 Date   Agenda  Action Minutes               Approved Minutes 

Planning Commission Retreat             
1/10/14  Agenda 01/10/14 Action Minutes 01/10/14 Appproved Minutes 01/10/14 01/10/14   Merritt's Presentation1/10/14
  Anton's Presentation 1/10/14
   Craig's Presentation 1/10/14
1/24/14 Agenda 01/24/14 Action Minutes 01/24/14  Approved Minutes 01/24/14 01/24/14Pt.1
2/7/14 Agenda 02/07/14
Revised Agenda 2/7/14
Action Minutes 02/07/14 Approved Minutes 02/07/14 02/07/14Pt.1
2/21/14  Agenda 02/21/14 Action Minutes 02/21/14 Approved Minutes 02/21/14  02/21/14  
3/7/14  Agenda 03/07/14 Action Minutes 03/07/14 Approved Minutes 03/07/14 03/07/14Pt.1
3/21/14  Agenda 03/21/14 Action Minutes 03/21/14 Approved Minutes 03/21/14 03/21/14Pt.1           03/21/14Pt.2
4/4/14  Agenda 04/04/14 Action Minutes 04/04/14 Approved Minutes 04/04/14 04/04/14  
4/18/14 Agenda 04/18/14 Action Minutes 04/18/14 Approved Minutes 04/18/14 04/18/14  
5/2/14 Agenda 05/02/14
Revised Agenda 05/02/14
Action Minutes 05/02/14  Approved Minutes 05/02/14 05/02/14Pt.1
5/16/14 Agenda 05/16/14  Action Minutes 05/16/14 Approved Munutes 05/16/14 05/16/14Pt.1
5/30/14 Agenda 05/30/14 Action Minutes 05/30/14 Approved Minutes 05/30/14 05/30/14  
6/13/14  Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled  
6/27/14  Cancelled  Cancelled Cancelled  Cancelled  
7/11/14  Agenda 07/11/14 Action Minutes 07/11/14 Approved Minutes 07/11/14  07/11/2014  
7/25/14  Agenda 07/25/14 Action Minutes 07/25/14  Approved Minutes 07/25/14  07/25/14  
8/8/14  Agenda 08/08/14  Action Minutes 08/08/14  08/08/14
 08/08/14 Pt.3
8/22/14  Agenda 08/22/14  Action Minutes 08/22/14  08/22/14  

Archived Meeting Materials

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