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Fee Assistance Program


Please note: Fee assistance program funds may not be used toward membership fees, annual passes, or S'more Fun daycare fees.

The City of Saint Paul has a special program that helps families pay for Parks & Recreation youth classes and activities. Fee assistance can be requested by families who meet program requirements when registering for youth activities. To be eligible for the program, youth must live in Saint Paul, be 18 years old or younger, and parents must certify they need financial assistance in order to participate in a program.

Parents/guardians may request fee assistance during the registration process. Proof of residency must be demonstrated prior to final registration confirmation.  Proof of residency can include a current driver’s license, current utility, or phone bill.  The name on the document must match the name of the individual applying for the assistance. Participants may be enrolled in the activity pending information verification. 

Fee Assistance can be used towards most recreational sports or activities offered by Parks and Recreation. To view the online catalog of all available activities offered by Saint Paul Parks and Recreation - Click Here. Note - Adult programs are also listed in the catalog and do not qualify for Fee Assistance credits. No refunds will be issued for unused credits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Fee Assistance?
Saint Paul residents can request Fee Assistance prior to, or during any youth program registration. To request the assistance, you can contact any recreation center. Residency must be demonstrated prior to assistance being granted.

Is there anything I will not be able to use a Fee Assistance credit for?
Fee Assistance credits can be used for the vast majority of programs we offer. There are a few restrictions that credits cannot be used for, including; season passes, membership or admission fees, and S'More Fun daycare fees (other exemptions may also apply - check with rec. center for more details). 

Is there a maximum amount of Fee Assistance I can request at one time, or during a year?
Fee Assistance is based on availability of funds, and not all requests may be able to be granted, however there is no set "maximum" per family. Depending on availability of funds, staff may be required to limit funds allocated to each family per season and year. Residents who demonstrate residency and a financial need for assistance, may request Fee Assistance multiple times each year.
My child decided not to participate in a class that I requested Fee Assistance for, do I lose those credits?
No, the credits will remain on the participant's account.

How will I keep track of how much credit I have left?
The contact listed below, as well as recreation center staff will be able to tell participants how much credit they have remaining. Participants can also check online, and can get their online account info and their balance from the contact below, or any recreation center staff.

Contact Information
Parks Customer Service

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