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Second Hand Dealer - Exhibition License

This license is for any person desiring to have an exhibition, convention, show or exposition of secondhand goods or antiques for a limited period of time, not to exceed five consecutive calendar days. No more than 12 exhibitions may be held at a single location in a license year.

For businesses who sell and receive tangible personal property, see Secondhand Dealer - Antiques / comp. / elec. For a business where two or more secondhand goods dealers are engaged in business by maintaining separate sales space and identifying themselves to the public as individual dealers, see Secondhand Dealer - Multiple Dealer License.

If you have questions, contact DSI at (651) 266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 355 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about secondhand dealers.

Application Requirements

You must submit the following:


This license requires inspection approval from Licensing (Ph: (651) 266-8989).


The fee for a Secondhand Dealer - Exhibition License is $178.00 per location, per event.


A Secondhand Dealer - Exhibition License is valid only during the date(s) of the specific event.

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