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Buckthorn Bust Neighborhood Guide

The Buckthorn Bust Neighborhood Guide was created to help residents combat the problem of buckthorn on their property and in their neighborhoods. This guide is designed to help you organize a buckthorn bust in your community.

This Guide is comprised of two primary parts, the Buckthorn Manual and Buckthorn Worksheets. There is also a Buckthorn QuickGuide, a two-page document providing information on buckthorn identification and removal techniques.

Throughout the Manual, worksheets are referenced in parentheses. These worksheets will assist you as you design and implement your buckthorn bust program and include:

  • Information on buckthorn for distribution
  • Press releases
  • Fundraising worksheet
  • Volunteer sign-up forms
  • Program time line


This project was funded by the USDA-Forest Service, coordinated by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation, and created by Tree Trust.

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