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What is zoning?
Zoning is a set of laws regulating how property is used and the size and location of buildings on a lot. It includes both written regulations and maps showing the different zoning classifications in the city. In Minnesota, state law allows cities to have zoning ordinances and sets parameters for the local regulations. Saint Paul’s zoning code is online at Look under Title VIII along the left side of the screen. The zoning map is also online. On the menu at the right side of the screen, select “Boundaries” and then “Zoning.” This map allows you to zoom to a particular area in the city.


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1. What is zoning?
2. Who do I talk to about the zoning rules for a particular property?
3. What kind of business can I have in my home?
4. What if my project does not meet the required setbacks, lot coverage, height, etc.?
5. Who in the City makes zoning decisions?
6. Where do I apply for a zoning permit?
7. What is a public hearing?
8. How does a public hearing work?
9. What can I do if I disagree with the decision?
10. How do I find out the results of a hearing I was sent a notice for?
11. I have applied for a zoning permit. When can I expect an answer?
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