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What are prevailing wages?
The term refers to the establishment of the basic hourly rate of pay plus the hourly benefits (fringe rate) associated with the employee wages.

Basic hourly rate is the actual take home amount while the hourly benefit (fringe rate) is the intangible part of pay for items such as vacations, dental, health plans, and retirement funds.

Labor Standards

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1. What is the Davis-Bacon Act?
2. What are prevailing wages?
3. What is a wage decision?
4. Who monitors prevailing wages?
5. How can I obtain the latest DBA wage decisions?
6. What are the expectations of contractors who must comply with Davis-Bacon federal prevailing wage criteria?
7. Are apprentices subject to the Davis-Bacon wage requirements?
8. What are the possible penalties for non-compliance with Davis-Bacon wage requirements?
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