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When am I required to arrange for an inspection of the work?
Required inspections include the following:

  1. Footing inspection prior to pouring the concrete, to verify the minimum setback to property boundaries, the size, depth and location of the footing, the size, quantity, quality and clearances of the reinforcement as applicable, the soil type and condition, and weather controls as necessary. The approved plan, site plan and verification of the property boundaries must be provided on site at the time of the footing inspection.
  2. Foundation inspection prior to pouring the concrete for a poured wall foundation, and prior to backfill for all foundation types to verify the foundation drain tile, damp-proofing or water-proofing, and the exterior foundation insulation in applicable.
  3. Framing inspection, following rough-in approval of all plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, to verify adequate support and bracing for all loads and to verify compliance with the approved plan. The approved plan and all truss diagrams and other engineered design documents must be provided on site at the time of the framing inspection.
  4. Insulation inspection following the installation of all required fire- and draft-stopping.
  5. Gypsum Board inspection when the gypsum board is required for fire-protection or for resistance to shear forces.
  6. Final inspection following the completion of all construction work and final approval of all trade permits.
  7. Additional inspections as prescribed by the building official based on specific project conditions.

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