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Become a Firefighter

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1. What apprentice training is required of a Firefighter/EMT?
2. What information is checked during a background check prior to hire?
3. Are there any age, height, weight, or medical restrictions that automatically disqualify a candidate for a Firefighter/EMT position?
4. How many hours does a Firefighter/EMT work in a typical shift or week?
5. Do newly hired Firefighter/EMTs work in the same fire station each shift?
6. What is the fire academy training program?
7. What benefits are available to a newly hired Firefighter/EMT?
8. What is the possibility of being trained or employed as a Paramedic?
9. What promotional opportunities exist at the Saint Paul Fire Department?
10. How do I know my online application and my application fee have been received by the City of Saint Paul?
11. Where can I get my EMT Certification?
12. How do I become a Saint Paul Firefighter?
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