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Budgeting & Financial Planning
The Saint Paul City Council's Chief Budget Analyst is responsible for assisting the Council in its annual budget review and adoption process.  The Council's Chief Budget analyst is separate from the city's Office of Financial Services, which is the city department responsible for the overall financial management of the city.  

The City Council is responsible for adopting the City's operating and capital budgets and property tax levies.  In August, the Mayor proposes the budgets for the following year.  After the budgets are proposed, the City Council begins its consideration of the budgets.  A series of Council Budget Committee meetings are held throughout the fall to review the proposed budgets in detail.  Public hearings on the proposed budgets and tax levies are also held during this time period.  In mid-December, the Council adopts the final budgets and property tax levies, incorporating any changes councilmembers have to the original proposal into the adopted budgets and levies. 

Budget materials are available on-line at

The City Council budget meeting schedule is available here.

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