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Rent Our Reachall
Reach All The City's Reach-All (Aspen Aerials) UB-60 Rental
The City's Reach-All (Aspen Aerials) UB-60 is available to rent to other government agencies, their consultants and contractors. Usage is limited to inspection of bridges and light construction. Quotes for work may be obtained from the Bridge Division Office.

Rates as of July 1, 2012 are:
$146.00 per hour, or $1165 per day(based on 10 hour work day). The driver and operator must be provided by the City, except under special circumstances. The operator may be provided by the owner, but must be certified by Reach-All. The cost for our operator and driver is $85.02 per hour each.

UB-60 Abilities
From the bridge the UB-60 can reach:

- 47 feet above the deck
- 70 feet below the deck
- 61 feet across the deck

Call 651-266-9700 for Reach All Rental

View more pictures of the Reach All.
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