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Buyer Responsibilities
Buyers are assigned to specific commodities. Vendors who have questions about a specific bid, solicitation, or RFP or have general questions, should contact the buyer who handles that particular commodity assignment.

Call (651) 266-8900 and ask to be referred to the appropriate buyer or e-mail us.

Forms and Timing of Submissions
All requests for bids, quotes, and proposals include information about the specific form, date and deadline for submissions.

Bid Results / Tabulations
It is the policy of the Procurement office not to give bid or solicitation results over the phone. Procurement staff prepare tabulations (i.e. summaries) of the pricing received for all advertised bids and many quotes.

Call (651) 266-8900 or e-mail to ask for a bid tabulation.

Vendor Notification Letter
Once the buyer and the department staff have completed their review of submissions, the apparent low bidder or successful proposer will receive a Vendor Notification Letter describing the steps for completing the award process.

In most cases, the vendor will have ten days from the date of the Vendor Notification Letter to provide any insurance, bonds or other required documents.

Starting Work
A contract is not final until all requirements are completed and a written agreement has been fully executed by all parties. Vendors should not begin work prior to contract completion.

If there are questions about the contract status, contact the buyer handling the project.

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