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Advisory Committee on Aging
  • 9:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Second Wednesday of the month
  • Locations vary

Member Requirements

Advisory Committee on Aging 

Committee of Saint Paul community members planning for all ages.

Staff Contact:

Chai Lee
Phone: (651) 266-8512

City Contact:

Allison Kappeyne
Phone: (651) 266-8536

List of Criteria:

  • 15 members – 9 of whom have to be 55 years or older
  • St. Paul residency – not required


Code Section: n/a

Length of term: 2 years

Powers & Duties

Powers and Duties:

  • Promoting the dignity and independence of Saint Paul's aging population
  • Examining current City services and programs and submitting recommendations to the Mayor
  • Advising the Mayor regarding City ordinances affecting older residents
  • Identifying the needs and recognizing the contributions of seniors
  • Working to improve inter-generational opportunities in the city
  • Advocating on issues that impact seniors


Vacancies: 5

1) You can now apply online, visit Online Committee Application.

You can learn more by contacting Chai Lee at (651) 266-8512

2) Download an Application.

You can apply for more than one committee per application. Mayor Coleman encourages applicants to get recommendations from their City Councilmembers.

Please return applications to:
Office of the Mayor
390 City Hall
15 Kellogg Blvd., West
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Ph: (651) 266-8510 
Fx: (651) 266-8521

For a complete list of boards, committees and commissions, please see the list
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