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Transit Oriented Development
What is Transit Oriented Development (TOD)?
Gary Leavitt
Transit-Oriented Development Manager

25 W. 4th Street Suite 1200
Saint Paul, , MN  55102

Ph: (651) 266-6670
Transit-Oriented Development is walkable, moderate to high density development served by frequent transit with a mix of housing, retail, and employment choices designed to allow people to live and work with less or no dependence on a personal car.

Current Development Projects
Hamline Station
2700 University
Episcopal Homes
Bus Barn Snelling/U
Western Plaza
Model Cities/Brownstone
Prior Crossing

For transit-oriented development along the Central Corridor, check the Saint Paul TOD Guidebook.

What exactly is transit oriented development? - Finance and Commerce

Central Corridor Station Plans
University Avenue 
The Saint Paul City Council has approved plans for the areas around the University Avenue LRT stations, which include Rice, Western, Dale, Victoria, Lexington, Hamline, Snelling, Fairview, Raymond, and Westgate.

The set of station area plans have an introduction chapter and an implementation chapter (called “Moving Forward”). The Station Area Planning Overview contains more information on the station area plans themselves, as well as the process used to create them. 
The Saint Paul City Council adopted the Downtown Station Area Plan in February 2010. 

Final versions of the approved plans can be found here.

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