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2013 Comprehensive Planning Committee Meetings
Date Agenda Packets
12/17/13 Canceled Next committee meeting is scheduled for January 7, 2014.
12/3/13 Canceled
11/12/13 Canceled
10/29/13 10/29/13 agenda T1-T2/Transit Street Zoning Amendment Initiation - staff memo
10/15/13 10/15/13 agenda West Midway Industrial Study - continuing discussion from previous meetings
10/1/13 Canceled
9/17/13 9/17/13 agenda West Midway Industrial Study - follow up discussion from previous 3 meetings; Table classifying West Midway Industrial Strategies
9/3/13 9/3/13
West Midway Industrial Study and discussion with the Saint Paul Port Authority staff
8/20/13 8/20/13 agenda West Midway Industrial Study (continued discussion); related items - Interview about regional economic competitiveness and ICIC report conducted for St. Paul Port Authority
8/6/13 8/6/13 agenda Staff memo on Central Corridor (CC) zoning study on accessory dwelling units and density bonuses; Revised DRAFT ordinance on CC zoning; Map of CC lot sizes; example of accessory dwelling units; West Midway Study Executive Summary
7/24/13 canceled
7/9/13 7/9/13 agenda Staff memo on Urban Agriculture Zoning Study - follow up to public hearing and Urban Agriculture DRAFT ordinance; Staff memo on Central Corridor zoning study on accessory dwelling units and density bonuses, DRAFT ordinance on CC zoning, and density bonus illustrations
6/25/13 6/25/13 agenda Staff memo on auto body text amendments; Staff memo on initiation of "fish and fowl" zoning study
6/11/13 6/11/13 Agenda Staff memo regarding Public Hearing comments on proposed Auto Body Text Amendments
5/28/13 canceled
5/14/13 5/14/13 Agenda Review Heritage Preservation Commission proposal to designate "Island Station" at 380 Randolph Ave as a Saint Paul Heritage Preservation site: staff memo; designation process; map-TOC; description; significance; design guidelines.
4/30/13 4/30/12 Agenda Staff memo; Neighborhood STAR Comp Plan conformance table - DRAFT
4/16/13 canceled
4/2/13 canceled
3/19/13 canceled
3/5/13 3/5/13 Agenda CIB How To Guide; 2013 CIB Proposal Community Facility Ratings for Comprehensive Plan compliance; 2013 CIB Proposal Residential & Economic Development Ratings for Comprehensive Plan compliance
2/19/13 2/19/13
Staff memo; draft auto body text amendments; CC resolution initiating study; CC resolution amending interim use permit for Abra Auto Body
2/5/13 canceled
1/22/13 1/22/13
CIB and Neighborhood STAR funding processes - Planning Commission's Role
(for discussion; no staff memo)
1/8/13 1/8/13 Agenda Industrial Zoning Study - Staff report and text amendments following public hearing; minutes and public comment letters from 6/1/12 Planning Commission hearing

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