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Setting up trash services
The City of Saint Paul does not provide garbage collection service. Residents and business owners contract directly with a licensed waste hauler of their choice. View residential lisenced hauler list.     Contact the haulers for details on pricing and pick-up schedule.

Not everything in your trash is waste. Find out how to recycle or safely dispose of other items with Ramsey County's A to Z Recycling and Disposal Guide.

Still have questions? Find more information in the
City of Saint Paul Resident Handbook.
Other trash services and bulky Items
There are several transfer stations that accept household waste and bulky items. For information on hours, prices, acceptable material and directions contact the transfer stations:
  • J & J Recycling | 607 Barge Channel Rd, Saint Paul | 651.227.4457 
  • Twin City Refuse | 318 W Water St, Saint Paul | 651.227.1549
  • Advanced Disposal | 309 Como Ave, Saint Paul | 651.487.8546
  • Veit Disposal Systems (construction and demolition waste only) | 1305 Pierce Butler Route, Saint Paul | 763.428.2242

Recycle and compost to help lower your County Environmental Charge
On your garbage bill you’ll find a line item for the County Environmental Charge (CEC) and the State Municipal Solid Waste Tax. The fee and the tax are based on the amount of trash you produce. Recycling and composting are exempt from fees and taxes. If you reduce your waste you can switch to a smaller garbage container or less frequent pickup and you reduce your garbage bill too.  CEC details.

Community cleanup events

 cleanup2.JPG The City of Saint Paul partners with local district councils to organize annual cleanup events. These events are opportunities for residents to properly dispose large refuse items, recycle materials not collected in the curbside program, and share usable goods with others. Cleanup events are scheduled May through October each year. Learn about the community cleanup events.

The City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department also hosts a number of cleanup events.
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