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June 2013 Storm

June 21-22 Storm Response

Storm Damage Clean Up-FAQ

Saint Paul Forestry’s response to the storms of June 21 and 22, 2013

  • Forestry has put all staff on storm clean up working overtime each day, including the weekend. Priorities are:
    • Assess and assure safe conditions to the public.
    • Open major arterial roads for emergency vehicles, followed by collector and residential streets.
    • Remove dangerous trees due to the storm and remove trees on homes and structures.
    • Open alleys and begin removal of non-threatening trees.
    • Complete general clean up, including parks and private tree debris placed on boulevards
  • Forestry will to continue working OT for the foreseeable future, at least until all critical work is handled.
  • Forestry does not work after dark except in emergencies due to a number of factors including safety.

Debris Management:

  • To expedite the process, Forestry is using staging areas to pile debris that is then later hauled away. These staging areas, for safety reasons, are closed to the public.
  • The public may dump tree debris, as normal, at the Ramsey County Yard Waste Collection sites. See the following link for times and locations:
  • Because of the large size of the storm, it is the intent of the City of Saint Paul to assist homeowners (not commercial tree services) by removing private property tree debris stacked on the public boulevard as follows:
    • Must be tree debris from the storm only; non-tree debris or routine pruning debris is prohibited
    • Tree debris must be separated from other debris or it will be passed up
    • Must be placed on the boulevard no later than Friday, June 28.
    • Forestry will comb streets thereafter to clean boulevards. Once a boulevard is cleaned off, any additional deposited debris is the responsibility of the resident.
    • It is Forestry’s goal to have storm clean up completed by July 12, however, removing private property debris lengthens the clean up and makes it hard to project.
    • A storm management map is available on the Forestry website,, showing where debris clean-up has been completed and where storm clean-up work is on-going.
    • Please honor any “No Parking” restrictions that may be posted to assist in the clean up

To call about a tree related issue:

Hiring a Commercial Tree Service:

  • Performing tree work, especially in response to storm damage, can be extremely dangerous and it is recommended to hire a reputable firm for this work.
  • Commercial tree services for hire working within Saint Paul are required by ordinance to be licensed by the City of Saint Paul. Please ask to see their license credentials. Also note that the vehicles of a licensed contractor should have a current license decal from the City of Saint Paul.
  • A licensed tree service is insured and better trained to protect themselves and your property from damage.
  • In addition, the City requires that each tree service company hire at least one employee who has a current certification as an arborist in urban forestry or arboriculture. This helps to ensure the company is educated in plant health, pests and pathogen control, and other aspects of urban forestry
  • To find a list of currently licensed tree service companies working in Saint Paul, please call the Department of Safety and Inspections at 651-266-8989.

Storm Response Map
Updated July 18, 2013
Click here to access a PDF copy 

June 2013 Storms-Work Zones-7-19-2013 sm.jpg

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