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Saint Paul Complete Streets Design Manual Photo Contest
Photo Contest Deadline: Thursday, August 1, 2013 by 5 p.m.

The City of Saint Paul is seeking great photos of Saint Paul streets and street elements such as sidewalks, benches crosswalks, bike racks, bike lanes, etc. Winning photos will be published in the Saint Paul Street Design Manual to illustrate street elements and amenities in Saint Paul. Photographers with winning submissions will be published in the manual and receive photo credit.

Amateur and professional adult and youth photographers are invited to participate. Entry into the contest is free.

Photo Subject Categories
Saint Paul has a lot happening on the street. Submit images of the following specific street elements are listed below. Some of these elements may not be in Saint Paul yet, but if you’ve taken a good photo of one in another place you may submit it. Example photos of these street elements can be found here.

1. Street Trees
2. Tree Pits
3. Seating
4. Creative Seating
5. Sidewalk Café
6. Bike Rack
7. Bike Shelter
8. Bike Share
9. Bus Stop Shelter
10. Waste Receptacles
11. News Stands
12. Light Pole Banner
13. Bollards
14. Kiosk
15. Street Food Vendor
16. Merchandise Vendor
17. Sidewalk
18. Sidewalk Connection to Transit
19. Sidewalk Capacity (width) at Transit
20. Lighting
21. Plaza
22. Pocket Park
23. Parklet
24. Storm Water Management
25. Road Diet
26. Lane Diet
27. Medians
28. Chicanes
29. Mini Traffic Circle
30. Speed Bump/Hump/Table
31. Traffic Diverter
32. Mid-block Bulbout
33. Raised Crosswalk
34. Raised Intersection
35. Pedestrian Crossing Time
     (intelligent transportation systems)
36. Push Button
37. Curb Ramps
38. Detectable Warning
39. Crossing Island
40. In-street Pedestrian Crossing Sign
41. Pedestrian Warning Signs at Crosswalk
42. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (HWAK signal)
43. Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon
44. Lead Pedestrian Interval (LPI)
45. High Visibility Crosswalk
46. Crosswalk at Unsignalized Intersection
47. Mid-Block Crosswalk
48. Parking Restriction at Intersection
49. Advanced Stop Bar
50. Pedestrian Scramble
51. Intersection Lighting
52. Curb Radius
53. Bike Lane
54. Buffered Bike Lane
55. Contra-flow Bike Lanes
56. Shared Lanes
57. Wide Shoulder
58. Cycle Track
59. Bicycle Boulevard
60. Street Car
61. Bus Only Lane
62. Shared Bus/Bike Lane
63. Bus Bulbs
64. Crossings near Transit Stops
65. Parallel Parking
66. Front-in-angle Parking
67. Back-in-angle Parking
68. Peak Hour Restrictions
69. Smart Parking Technologies
70. In-street Bicycle Parking
71. Commercial Curb-side Management
72. Mid-block Staggered Signal
73. Driveway Design
74. Driveway Consolidation
75. Driveways near Intersections
76. Right-in, Right-out Driveways
77. Skewed Intersection
78. Right turn slip lane with Directional Island
79. Signal Cycle Length
80. Pedestrian Protected Phase
81. Turning restrictions/right turn on red restriction/elimination of double turn lanes
82. Countdown Signal Timing
83. Bicycle Signal
84. Bicycle Detection at Signals
85. Bike Boxes
86. Green Bike Lanes
87. Bicycle Slip Lanes
88. Unsignalized Bicycle Crossings

Photo Requirements
1. Images must be submitted in digital format only
2. Printed images may be scanned at high resolution for submission
3. Photos must be taken with a phone or camera with 6 megapixel minimum
4. Submit photos as JPG or PNG file types only

Image specifications:
• Take images in flat light or at times when shadows are not strong or distracting
• Include bicyclists and pedestrians in the image (Smiles are best!)
• Take images of roadways from the centerline of the roadway (Do so carefully!)
• Avoid using camera phones that don’t take high resolution images
• If possible use 6+ megapixel camera so that images are as high resolution as possible

Submission Requirements
For your photo to be considered please submit your photos according to the following guidelines:
  1. Sign the Entry Agreement and Official Rules and email to or mail to: C/O: Anton Jerve, 25 West Fourth Street, 1300 City Hall Annex, Saint Paul, MN 55102
  2. Include with your entry agreement (on a separate sheet of paper or in the body of your email):
    • Your name as you would like it to appear in a photo credit 
    • A list of the photos submitted, along with the file name
    • Location where each photo was taken
    • The best method in which to contact you
  3. Submit photos via:

Email and CD submissions
The filename of the photo should be in the following format: Number of category (1-86), your name as you’d like it to appear in a credit and your phone number. For example if Jane Doe entered a picture of a sidewalk café, the title of the photo would be: 4JaneDoe6512011987.jpg.

Flickr submissions
  • To submit photos via Flickr, use your Yahoo! ID to login to If you do not have an account, you can easily sign up for free.

  • Choose your entries from your Flickr home - If they are not already there, upload to your Flickr account and photos you want to enter in the contest.

  • Describe and tag it for us! In your Flickr home page select the photos you want to enter, then click the "Actions" menu and select "edit title, tags, date..." item. Use the desciption box to enter a title and the date and place photo was taken (You have the option of also adding 1-2 explanatory senteces). Then tag your photo: tag each photo with PhotoContest-StPaulCompleteStreets. Photos without this information will not be considered.

  • Join the Saint Paul Complete Streets Flickr group at:

  • Add the photos to our group. Click on the "Add photos" link near the top of the page. Select the photos you wish to submit, and click on the "Add to group" link. As soon as your photo is approved for appropriate content, your image will be made public. This may take 1 to 3 business days!

  • Please see additional submission requirements above.

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