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Current Programs and Services
The City of Saint Paul along with many private sector businesses provide a wide range of residential waste management services. 
The information provided here is to give a basic description of services and providers. 

The City of Saint Paul partners with Eureka Recycling to provide recycling services. 


Eureka Recycling l 2828 Kennedy St. NE, Minneapolis l 651-222-7678 l

Curbside recycling is provided for single family homes, duplexes, townhomes/condominimums up to 11 units and is collected weekly, Monday through Friday depending on which neighborhood you live in.  Blue bins are used to separate materials into two categories:  Papers and Containers.  See sorting guidelines for details.

Apartment recycling is available at most Saint Paul buildings with 12 or more units. Residents use a central recycling area with large carts.  Residents are asked to sort materials into labeled carts, accessible any day of the week.  See
sorting guidelines for details.

The current recycling service fee for multi-unit dwellings and single famiy homes ranges from $2.03-$3.22 per month or $24.36 - $38.60 annually. 

Recycling Drop-Off Center
Residents and small businesses can bring sorted recyclable materials to the drop-off center for free.  The drop-off center is located at 309 Como Ave. (at Minnehaha Ave.). For a complete list of acceptable materials and hours, go to
recycling drop-off center

Additional public space recycling opportunties are provided at municipal recreation centers, athletic complexes, libraries, regional parks and some community events.

Community Clean Up Events provide recycling opportunities for items not collected in the residential recycling program.  Examples include: scrap metal, appliances, electronic wastes, tires and mattresses.

Additional Plastics drop off recycling opportunity.


Trash Collection
Municipalities in Ramsey County, including Saint Paul, require residents who generate waste to contract for regular trash collections or manage trash in an environmentally sound manner (share service with a neighbor or take directly to a transfer station for disposal).  Residents in five communities within Ramsey County are served by organized collection. Organized collection means that the city or township arranges for waste collection for all residents, or at least all single-family residential properties.  The other Ramsey County communities, including Saint Paul, are served by open collection also known as "subscription service".  This type of collection means that waste generators contract directly with a waste hauler of their choice. 

The City of Saint Paul does not provide or administer a garbage collection service.  Residents establish garbage collection services from any of the
  garbage haulers licensed with the city
.  Garbage collections are made weekly Monday through Friday.

Some of what we throw away should be recycled, composted or handled in special ways.  To help understand the diversity of types of trash and regulation for proper handling see
Types of Trash provided by Saint Paul Ramsey County Public Health.

Find more information at frequently asked questions related to residential trash collection. 

County Environmental Charge
The County Environmental Charge (CEC) is a fee billed by licensed haulers to their customers in Ramsey County.  The fee is based on the amount of trash each customer produces.  Because the CEC applies to trash and not recyclables, the CEC acts to reduce waste by getting people to recycle and compost more.  CEC

Other trash services and Bulky Items
There are several transfer stations that accept household waste and bulky items directly from residents.  Contact them for information on hours, prices, acceptable material and directions.

J & J Recycling | 607 Barge Channel Rd, Saint Paul | 651.227.4457 
Twin City Refuse | 318 W Water St, Saint Paul | 651.227.1549
Veolia Environmental | 309 Como Ave, Saint Paul | 651.487.8546
Veit Disposal Systems (construction and demolition waste only) | 1305 Pierce Butler Route, Saint Paul | 763.428.2242

Community Clean Up Events
The City of Saint Paul partners with local District Councils to organize annual Clean Up Events.  These events are an opportunity for residents to properly dispose of large refuse items, recycle materials not collected in the curbside program and share usable goods with others.  Clean Up Events are scheduled May through October each year. 

Community Clean Up Events are committed to recycling as much of the waste collected at these events as possible.  For example, tires, car batteries, appliances, scrap metal and electronics will all be recycled.  We support a staffed re-use area for residents to share usable household items with others. 
Watch the video, see what happens at your neighborhood community clean up event.

Find out how to recycle or safely dispose of other items with Ramsey County's A to Z Disposal Guide.

Household Hazardous Waste
Household hazardous wastes are banned from landfill disposal in Minnesota.  Old paint, fluorescent bulbs, unused pesticides, used motor oil, are among the items accepted free of charge through the Ramsey County
Household Hazardous Waste program.  Ramsey County supports a year round disposal site; seasional sites; as well as a few collections held in conjunction with community clean up events. 

Yard Waste and Brush
Yard Waste and brush are banned from landfill disposal in Minnesota.  Ramsey County provides free
yard waste collection sites.
Residential trash haulers may also provide seasonal yard waste collection services.  Check with your haulers for details.

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