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Residential Disability Parking Zone FAQ

What is a Residential Disability Parking Zone?
 A Residential Disability Parking Zone is curb space reserved for those with disability license plates or a disability parking certificate. The zones are intended to provide accessible space in front of the homes of residents where parking is limited.

Who can apply for a Residential Disabled Parking Zone in front of their residence?
Disabled residents who have a demonstrable need for additional parking considerations in front of their home may apply to have a Residential Disability Parking Zone installed.

In order to qualify for a Residential Disability Parking Zone, the applicant must have a disability license plate or a permanent or long-term disability parking certificate from the State of Minnesota. Those with temporary or short-term certificates are not eligibile for Residential Disability Parking Zones. Also, the request must be based in an existing parking problem.

Zones will not be installed where: off-street parking is available and accessible to the disabled person, there is on-street parking generally available, or if the Traffic Division determines there already exists one or more zones nearby that is accessible to the disabled person. Residents with available space on their property will not be granted Residential Disability Parking Zones.

Do I need to own a car to apply for a Residential Disability Parking Zone?
No. Many disabled people who do not own cars need zones which they use as pickup/drop-off points. Be aware that having the zone empty too much of the time in an area where parking is limited may cause irritation to the neighborhood.

I live in an apartment building; can I still apply for a Residential Disability Parking Zone?
Disability parking zones for residents in such situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on the parking conditions within the vicinity. If your apartment has an off-street parking lot, speak to your building manager. Off-street parking facilities are generally required to include accessible parking spaces. If your apartment does not have an off-street parking facility, your request will be evaluated after discussing the situation with you and your building manager.

Where do I obtain or renew a disability parking certificate or disability license plates?
Disability license plates and certificates are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Services division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. For information and application forms, contact DVS by phone at (651) 297-3377, via e-mail at e-mail, or visit their website,

CHAMap.pngWhere do I apply for a Residential Disability Parking Zone?
Applications can be mailed or hand delivered to the following address:

Traffic Division
800 City Hall Annex
25 West 4th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Applications can be obtained at the address above 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday - Friday, or online at

Will a disability zone irritate the neighbors?
In requesting a zone, one thing that should be considered is any inconvenience that may result for one’s neighbors. In areas where parking space is limited, it can sometimes irritate people to see a disability parking space seemingly always empty. On the other hand, most people will accept a zone if it is frequently occupied.

Can anybody with disability certificates or plates park in the Residential Disability Parking Zone in front of my home?
Yes. Residential Disability Parking Zones do not reserve an exclusive space for the applicant.

Are there any situations where a zone will not be installed?
Residential Disability Parking Zones cannot be installed in traffic lanes or in locations where parking is prohibited at all times. Also, applications requesting zones in commercial areas will undergo a more thorough evaluation due to higher demand for parking.

How long can a Residential Disability Parking Zone be?
Zones can be a maximum of 30’ in length. Additionally, the zone must  be within the frontage of the applicant’s property. The Traffic Division will determine the appropriate length of the zone after discussing the expected use of the zone with the applicant and examining the location.

How much does it cost to have a RDPZ installed in front of my residence?
The applicant is asked to pay one-half the costs of signing, installing and maintaining the zone. This is a one-time fee of approximately $160.00. The fee must be paid to the City of Saint Paul prior to installation.

How long will it take before the zone is installed after I submit my application?
Residential Disability Parking Zones are usually installed within four weeks once payment is received by the Traffic Division. However, signs will not be installed during winter months when the ground is frozen.

How do I get a Residential Disability Parking Zone removed from in front of my residence?
If the zone is no longer necessary, the zone can be removed at no cost by contacting the Traffic Division at (651) 266-6200.

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