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Asian Long-Horned Beetle


*The Asian long-horned beetle is not known to be present in Minnesota, but known infestations exists in Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. 


 "The Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) is an invasive insect that feeds on certain species of hardwood trees, eventually killing them. The ALB most likely came to the United States inside wood packing material from Asia. Since it was first discovered in Brooklyn, New York in 1996, the beetle has caused tens of thousands of trees to be destroyed in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

If the ALB were to become established here, it could become one of the most destructive and costly pests ever to enter the United States. If we don’t find and stop the ALB, we’ll lose more than trees. We’ll lose industries worth billions of dollars – and wildlife habitats too. Our yards and neighborhoods will take decades to recover."

Unlike the emerald ash borer, eradication methods have proven to be effective when ALB is detected early.  The existence of Minnesota's urban and natural forests depend upon the early detection of ALB.  Be informed on how to identify ALB by following the link below.
        Minnesota Trees at Risk:
 Ash  European Mountain Ash  Maple
 Birch  Hackberry  Poplars
 Elm  Horsechestnut  Willows
alb exit holes.png
(ALB exit holes)
 Identify ALB:
                        ALB Fact Sheet

What to do if you think you have found ALB
  • Trap the beetle or take a photo
  • Record the location of the beetle find
  • Call the Saint Paul Forestry Unit to report your find (651) 632-5129.  

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