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Professional Development Institute
Background Investigation for Public Safety



Date:               August 7-8, 2013

Location:        St. Paul Police Department - Outdoor Range         August 7, 2013

                        2621 Linwood Avenue

                        Maplewood, MN 55119

                        St Paul Fire Training Facility                                          August 8, 2013

                        1678 Energy Park Drive

                        St Paul, MN 55104

:               0800-1630                    August 8                                   Recommended Hotels

                        0800-1630                    August 9

Instructors:    SWAT Team - SPPD

POST:              16 Credits

Cost:               $ 345.00

Limit:              18 participants

The Saint Paul Police Professional Development Institute (PDI) is sponsoring a 2-day course in ADVANCED PATROL TACTICS FOR CRITICAL INCIDENTS.

This course will be an intense combination of classroom and “worst case” practical scenarios involving a combination of live fire and simunition exercises.  The intention of this course is to raise the Tactical Skill Level of patrol officers and patrol supervisors by exposing them to deadly critical incidents in a realistic but controlled fashion.  It is intended to educate patrol officers on tactical teamwork.

Equipment: Participants are required to bring their full duty belt, service weapon with at least 3 magazines, equipment consistent with their job assignment including shotgun or rifle or both, and eye and ear protection. 

Ammunition: Each student will need to bring 1,000 rounds of rifle and 250 rounds of ball or practice ammunition, 100 rounds of 5.56 simunitions and 100 rounds of 9mm simunitions.  If you do not have a rifle, bring 1,000 rounds of ball or practice pistol ammo.

Basic Course Outline


Day 1:

Class is split into two groups. Even numbers. Most drills will be done in pairs.

Range 1 will be close quarter combat with both rifle and pistol. Various shooting positions will be taught. Non traditional shooting positions and shooting while moving will be taught.


Range 2 will be mid to long distance. A bound and over watch live fire exercise with rifles and pistols  will be taught. Pieces of cover/ concealment will be placed at the 75, 50, 35 and 25 yard lines. Officers will work in teams of two as the start from the 100 yard line and move forward. This is a highly dynamic movement that requires great attention to detail to ensure safety.


Total rounds required for day 1000 rifle rounds. 250 pistol rounds. No shotguns are allowed.


Day 2:

Class is split into three groups. Even numbers, as all drills will be in groups. Simunitions, airsoft and paintball may be used.


The training will be force on force scenario based training.

Scenario stations will be:

-Bound and over watch, officer down/ citizen down.

-Active shooter.

-Counter ambush tactics.

Go to: to browse our website and fill out the registration form by clicking on "Register Here" in the right margin of the page.  If you have any questions, please call SPPD-PDI @ (651) 266-5652 or email:

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