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Professional Development Institute
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Homicide Scene Management for Patrol

POST # 6209-0-1027

Date:                October 10, 2012

Location:          St. Paul Police Department                        Recommended Hotels

 Western District Community Room

                         389 N. Hamline Avenue

                         Saint Paul, MN 55104

Time:                0800-1600

Instructors:     Investigator David Newman (Retired - Norfolk PD)

POST:                7 Credits

Cost:                $ 155.00

The Saint Paul Police Professional Development Institute (PDI) is sponsoring a 1-day course on HOMICIDE SCENE MANAGEMENT FOR PATROL.  

The course objective is to train the patrol officer or first responder how to handle and approach a homicide or violent crime scene prior to the arrival of scene investigators.  Many patrol officers lack the training and basic understanding of managing the scene of a homicide and avoiding too much traffic and cross contamination, while at the same time establishing safe boundaries that will encompass all of the physical evidence. Crime scene management begins with the arrival of the first officer on scene and continues on through both scene and homicide investigators.  Most important and often overlooked are the responsibilities of patrol. Know what to do before critical errors and possibly the loss of vital evidence takes place. It’s always been a simple rule in homicide investigation; how the initial scene is handled by patrol has a profound effect on the entire investigation. This 1-day class is designed to benefit those in patrol so they may understand what role they play not only in the initial securing of a homicide scene, but also provides them with a good understanding of physical evidence recognition, preservation and documentation.

David Newman is retired from the Norfolk Police Department after 23 years of service. His experience in Norfolk includes over 15 years in the bureau serving both in homicide & forensics and involvement in over 350 death investigations and high profile homicides. While serving in forensics he has handled over 2300 cases and crime scenes including an additional 45 homicide investigations. Newman received his Bachelors degree from Old Dominion University in 1986 in criminal justice, and has lectured over 3000 hours to law enforcement agencies across the country on the topic of homicide investigation and its related forensic applications Investigator Newman also instructs basic and advanced forensics at Thomas Nelson College in Virginia, equivocal death scenes at the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science Academy, and is a qualified expert in death investigation and its related forensic fields which include bloodstain pattern interpretation, gunshot residue and trace, wound pattern interpretation and post-mortem interval and crime scene event reconstruction.

Go to: to browse our website and fill out the registration form.  If you have any questions, please call SPPD-PDI @ (651) 266-5652 or email:

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