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Professional Development Institute
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Krav Maga Tactics for Law Enforcement - Level 3 of 3


Date:               November 14-15, 2012

Location:        Saint Paul Police Department Annex                      Recommended Hotels:

                        2nd Floor Gym

                        100 E. 10th Street

                        Saint Paul, MN 55101

Time:               0830 -1630

Instructors:    Michael Rozin - Rozin Security Consulting, LLC

POST:              14

:               $ 195.00

Equipment:    Duty belt with a holster and training weapon, gym clothes, mouth guard, optional                                    choice to punching gloves, shins, forearms, etc.

Level:              3 of 3  90% Intensity - Reality Based

“Krav Maga is a unique self-defense system designed for use in both public safety and military special operations contexts.  The Krav Maga system provides solutions to a multiplicity of armed and unarmed threats to law enforcement personnel, security officers and military operators.  Krav Maga Defensive Tactics Seminars for Law Enforcement offered through the Professional Development Institute is divided into three (3) levels.  It is beneficial, but not required, for participants to attend the seminars in levels 1-3 order.  Participants can attend any of the level 1,2 or 3 seminars and learn how to perform the fight from various positions of disadvantage, in varying degrees of readiness (e.g., instinctive training), against a variety of threats and under high stress scenarios.“


The Saint Paul Police Professional Development Institute (PDI) is sponsoring a 2-day course in KRAV MAGA TACTICS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT - Level 3 of 3.


Are you noticing that suspects are less apt to use violence to “get away” and more willing to “attack” officers?  If so, you need to take a look at this system.  The chances of encountering suspects trained in Mixed Martial Arts and “Cage Fighting” have increased dramatically.  Over-train for these encounters, and you may find that your presence alone is enough to prompt compliance in a majority of your citizen contacts.  Reality-based training methods unique to the Krav Maga system designed to push participants past “exhaustion” to improve law-enforcement personnel’s emotional and physical response to danger. These training methods develop the ability to recognize danger at the earliest stages, react without hesitation, and escalate with the appropriate level(s) of force.

Remember, individuals we may encounter at any moment are on the mat and in the ring as you read this.

Krav Maga directly translates to “Contact Combat” and is an official self-defense and close-quarter combat system of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Israeli security apparatus. Krav Maga is a modern, reality based method of training.  The Krav Maga defensive tactics training is characterized by a logical & progressive approach to learning that results in a highly effective, easy to learn, natural and practical method of hand to hand combat for real life violent encounters. Krav Maga features both defensive and offensive techniques. The Krav Maga System deals with scenarios where, for any number of reasons, operators face life threatening situations in which higher force options cannot immediately be accessed. From this perspective, the operator must respond with sound, aggressive, unarmed defensive techniques and combative until a transition to higher force options can be achieved.

Michael Rozin is a well-known Krav Maga instructor amongst the Law Enforcement community in the Twin Cities. He served as a Sergeant in a specialized infantry unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.  During his deployment Michael participated in operations at the West Bank, Syrian and Lebanon border.  After his military service he joined the Israeli Airport Authority where he worked as a security agent for Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv under the supervision of the Israeli Security Agency, (Shin Bet). Part of Michael’s training at Ben Gurion Airport included advanced Krav Maga training.

Go to: to browse our website and fill out the registration form.  If you have any questions, please call SPPD-PDI @ (651) 266-5652 or email:

Section 3 - Level 3 Seminar

Required Equipment: Duty belt with a holster and training weapon, gym clothes, mouth guard, optional choice to punching gloves, shins, forearms, etc.

Section 2 -

Section 3 -

3.01         Training Curriculum

  1. Combatives
    1. Stances & Movement
    2. Straight Punches
    3. Straight Punch with Advance - new
    4. Palm Heel Strikes
    5. Hammerfist Punch (Standing/Kneeling/Ground)
    6. Hammerfist Punch to the Side and Back - new
    7. Elbows
    8. A-Frame/Rising Kick
    9. Knees

10.  Front Kick Vertical Target - new

11.  Defensive Front Kick

12.  Rear Kick

  1. Groundfighting - new
    1. Combat Stance
    2. Movement
    3. Getting Up
    4. Transition Kick
    5. Round Kick

  1. Self-Defense
    1. 360º Defense against punches – outside & inside defenses against multiple attackers
    2. Defense against Chokes:
      1. From the Front (two & one handed plucks)
      2. From the Front with the push
      3. From the Back
      4. From the Back with the push
      5. From the Side
      6. Bar-Arm Choke
      7. Carotid Choke
      8. Schoolyard Choke - new
      9. Guillotine Choke – new
      10. Choke against the wall (front & back) – new
      11. From the Front on the Ground - new
    3. Defenses against Threats of Edged Weapons:
      1. From the Front
      2. From the front against the Throat (left & right sides) 
      3. From the Back  
      4. From the Side in front of the Arm
      5. To the Side behind the Arm - new
      6. Hostage Hold from Behind- new
    4. Defenses against Attacks with Edged Weapons:
      1. Overhead Stabbing 
      2. Underhand Stabbing
      3. Straight Stabbing - new
      4. Slashing Attack
    5. Defenses against Blunt Objects
      1. Overhead Attack 
      2. Swinging Attack - new
    6. Defenses against Threats of Handguns
      1. To the Front -
      2. To the Back -
      3. To the Side of the Head -
      4. To the Side Behind the Arm -
      5. To the Side in Front of the Arm -
      6. Hostage walk (Front& Back) -
      7. Hostage Hold – new
      8. Against the Wall - new
      9. On the Ground Attacker in Guard - new
      10. On the Ground Attacker in Mount - new
    7. Defenses Against Threats of Long Rifles - new
      1. To the Front
      2. To the Back
    8. Weapon Retention
      1. Weapon in the Holster, Attacker is Reaching out
      2. Weapon in the Holster, Attacker has grabbed the weapon (from all directions)
      3. Room Entry Weapon Grab (left &right) - new
      4. On the ground weapon out of the holster attacker in guard - new
      5. On the ground weapon out of the holster attacker in mount - new
      6. On the ground weapon in the holster attacker in guard “cross arm grab’- new

Section 1 -

Section 2 -

Section 3 -

3.02         Training Drills

All participants will practice transition to higher force option utilizing their actual duty belts and available weapons.

  1. Focus Mitts - new
  2. Situational Awareness (1 attacker & 1-2 additional threats)
  3. Target Recognition
  4. Threat Recognition - new
  5. Intensity   
    1. Individual Intensity Drills (focused on single technique)
    2. Two Attackers Drill (one and multiple techniques)
    3. Multiple Attackers
    4. Break Through Drill
    5. Combinations & Multiple Attacks drill
    6. Aggressiveness Drills
    7. Realistic/Field Training Scenarios outside of the training room - new


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