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Professional Development Institute
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Police Counter-Ambush Tactics 
POST # 6209-0-1013

Date:               April 3-5, 2013 

Location:        Chisago County Sheriff                      Recommended Hotels

    Outdoor Range                           Budget Host Inn                 AmericInn

42305 Harder Avenue               6010 Main St.                           38675 14th Ave      

                     Harris, MN 55032                       North Branch, MN 55056          North Branch, MN 55056         

                                                                                                (651) 243-5155                       (651) 674-8627

                                                                             ($60.00 + tax)                         ($77.00 + tax)

:               April 17-19, 2013   or   October 9-11, 2013

Location:        St. Paul Police Department - Outdoor Range         Recommended Hotels

2621 Linwood Avenue

                        Maplewood, MN 55119

:               0800-1700

Instructors:    Peak Performance Consulting Staff

POST:              24 Credits

Cost:               $ 585.00 

“In 2010, firearm-related fatalities climbed to 61 (in the) line of duty deaths, 24 percent higher than in 2009 when 49 officers were killed…. For the second year in a row, officers continue to be shot in ambush style attacks. In 2010, twelve officers were killed in these vicious attacks accounting for 20 percent of all fatal shootings.”

Research Bulletin produced by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, in conjunction with Concerns of Police Survivors.

“[In 2011] Of the 72 [Police] slayings, 23 were in arrest situations, 15 were ambushed, 11 were in traffic pursuits or stops, and nine were in tactical situations.

Copyright 2012 Associated Press. 

News Overview - SPPD Ambush-Dan King-Brian Wanschura KSTP.Com – 01/09/2013

Building Video Squad Video/Audio from SPPD Ambush-Dan King-Brian Wanschura

Squad Video/Audio from SPPD Ambush-Dan King-Brian Wanschura  MPR – 01/10/2013

Full Interview – SPPD Ambush-Dan King and Brian Wanschura – 01/10/2013

“More Police Officers Die in Ambush Attacks” USA Today – 12/22/2011

“MO Deputy helping EMS crew killed in ambush” – 12/15/2012

”MN Police Officer Fatally Shot in Ambush” – 11/30/2012

”Bogus 911 Call from Suspect Lured Minneapolis Park Police into Ambush”  Star Tribune – 08/22/2012

“Charges from Minneapolis Ambush: “I wanted to Hurt Some Cops”  Star Tribune – 8/23/2012

“Video Shows Ambush of Officer Shot in Head” – 07/29/2012

The Saint Paul Police Professional Development Institute (PDI) is co-sponsoring with Peak Performance Consulting a 3-day course in POLICE COUNTER-AMBUSH TACTICSIt is intended to prepare the participants to bring back what they learn to provide in-service training for their departments.

This course will teach Law Enforcement Officers various self-protection techniques and tactics to effectively deal with armed criminals or terrorists while in or near vehicles. Tactics to counter a static and/or moving ambush of officers on foot or while sitting will also be covered. Subjects covered are: the warrior mindset; case studies/lessons learned from past armed confrontations; countering static and moving ambush of police vehicles; countering static and moving ambush of officers on foot/sitting; aggressive counter-ambush techniques and tactics; defense tactics against mobs/groups; reacting to lethal threats while in vehicles; expedient armor for vehicles; proper use of vehicles for cover and concealment; and effective counter-ambush shooting from a moving/static vehicle (pistol, rifle, shotgun). The course will include approx. 8-hours of day and night shooting/movement exercises incorporating course techniques in a realistic training environment.

Peak Performance guarantees that each of their instructors is a recognized expert in the programs they teach, bringing relevant, up to date, and real-world experience to each and every class. Participating students will not only learn life-saving tactical concepts, but also their direct and immediate application in the field. Peak Performance encourages and demands that all instructors continue to improve their instruction capability and relevance through continued education, training, and real-world deployments. All of Peak Performance instructors are currently employed full-time in their respective fields and bring this expertise to their classes.

Go to: to browse our website and click on “Registration Page” to fill out the registration form.  If you have any questions, please call SPPD-PDI @ (651) 266-5652 or email:



Daily Schedule:

Day One-17 April:

0830 - 1200   In process/Classroom Instruction

1200 – 1300 Lunch

1300 – 1330  Range Safety Brief/Load Magazines/Range Prep

1330 – 1730  Range Drills

Day Two-18 April:

0900 – 1200  Classroom Instruction

1200 – 1300  Lunch

1300 – 1330  Range Safety Brief/Load Magazines/Range Prep

1330 – 1730  Range Drills

Day Three-19 April:

0900 – 1200  Classroom Instruction

1200 – 1300  Lunch

1300 – 1330  Range Safety Brief/Load Magazines/Range Prep

1330 – 1630  Range Drills

1630 – 1700  Graduation

Each student is encouraged to bring a box lunch and water to the range. There will be time during the range to quickly eat something in between drills.


PPC recommends students wear their duty uniform for training, but any comfortable tactical clothing adequate for movement during range operations will suffice. The drills will consist of shooting and moving behind cover as well as from the prone and alternate firing positions. Clothing will more than likely get dirty during some of the drills.

Each individual will need to bring the following equipment:

Department approved ballistic eye protection

Hearing protection

Flashlight - white light



Soft body armor

Patrol Rifle recommended

Patrol Shotgun

Helmet (if issued)


Any weapons optics used while on duty or training as desired


Any assigned Tactical gear

Gun lights


Ammunition Requirements:

Pistol - 400 rounds required (750 rounds recommended)

Patrol Rifle -175 rounds required (300 rounds recommended)

Shotgun - 20 rounds

Rifle Sim Rounds - 100 - Force on Force .223 cal

Pistol Sim Rounds - 100 - Force on Force 9 mm

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