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Professional Development Institute
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Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques



Date:               March 28, 2013


Location:        St. Paul Police Department                          Recommended Hotels

                        West District Community Room

                        389 N. Hamline Avenue

                        Saint Paul, MN 55104


Time:               0800-1700                                                       


Instructors:    Mark McClish


POST:              8 Credits


Cost:               $ 130.00


The Saint Paul Police Department Professional Development Institute (PDI) is co-sponsoring with Advanced Interviewing Concepts a 1-day course; Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques


Statement Analysis® is the process of examining a person’s words to see if the subject is being truthful or deceptive. Even though people may lie and withhold information, their words will betray them. There are usually several ways you can phrase a statement. People will always word their statement based on all their knowledge. Therefore, their statement may contain information they did not intend to share. People will give you more information than what they realize. The key to detecting deception is to listen to what people are saying and to know what to look for in their statement.  


In this seminar, retired Deputy U.S. Marshal Mark McClish will share his techniques on how to analyze a verbal and written statement to detect deception. He will also provide insight on how to obtain additional information from a statement. When you use the Statement Analysis techniques you will know exactly what a person is telling you.




? Learn methods of analyzing a subject’s verbal and written statement to detect deception

? Learn how to obtain additional information from a statement

? Learn what type of questions to ask and not ask during an interview


Mark McClish – Advanced Interviewing Concepts


Mark McClish is a 26 year veteran federal law enforcement officer. He began his law enforcement career in 1983 with the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division. During his two years with the Secret Service he was assigned to the White House. In 1985, he was hired by the U.S. Marshals Service and served as a Deputy U.S. Marshal in Springfield, IL. In 1990, Mark was promoted to the position of Inspector/Instructor at the U.S. Marshals Service Training Academy located at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. He taught at the Training Academy for nine years serving as the lead instructor on interviewing techniques. He used this time to study deceptive statements and conduct research on deception. Based on his findings, he created the Statement Analysis® techniques for detecting deception in a verbal and written statement.


Mark left the Training Academy in 1999 and took a position as a Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal in Greenville, NC. He supervised four offices located in Eastern NC. Mark retired from the Marshals Service in 2009 and started Advanced Interviewing Concepts. His company provides interviewing skills training and assists investigators in analyzing statements. Mark currently gives presentations and seminars on his Statement Analysis techniques throughout the U.S. He frequently speaks at conferences and has trained a variety of law enforcement agencies and military organizations. Mark has appeared on the television shows 20/20 and In Session. He is the author of the books I Know You Are Lying and Don’t Be Deceived. He is also the developer of the Statement Analyzer which is software that will analyze a statement for deception.


To register go to: or call (252) 364-5375.

Contact SPPD-PDI directly by calling (651) 266-5652 or emailing:



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