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Professional Development Institute

Counter-Terrorism Tactics:

Behavior Detection For Law Enforcement ONLY

 POST # 6209-0-998

Date:                 February 13-16, 2012

Location:           St. Paul Police Department                Also;         Mall of America

                         West District Community Room                                Other Sites                

                         389 N. Hamline Avenue

                         Saint Paul, MN 55104

Time:                  1000-2000                                         Recommended Hotels

Instructors:        Michael Rozin - Rozin Security Consulting, LLC

POST:                40

Cost:                 $ 385.00

The Saint Paul Police Professional Development Institute (PDI) is sponsoring a 4-day intensive course in COUNTER-TERRORISM TACTICS: BEHAVIOR DETECTION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY.

This course is intended for law enforcement officers tasked with performing protective/security functions within their jurisdictions, such as;  schools, event centers, public buildings, federal, state and local government buildings, etc. It will increase one’s understanding and awareness of terrorism as a tactic.  This course will enable a LE Officer to detect behavior that indicates potential immediate or not immediate intention to execute a terrorist attack. Most importantly this training will give participants an effective tool to prevent an attack, thus enhancing agencies’ proactive capabilities.

This course will significantly increase the student’s awareness and understanding of the terrorism threat and terrorist methods of operations. Furthermore, this program will enable participants to understand, retain and be proficient in Behavior Detection and Security Interviewing techniques.  Both techniques have been widely and successfully used by Israeli security apparatus to thwart acts of terrorism.  

Participants will engage in class lectures, workshops and a number of field exercises.  In addition, participants will learn how to identify real and fraudulent forms of identification and how to utilize a number of different ID forms in Security Interviews.  At the end of the course participants will receive suggested Standard Operations Protocol for dealing with Suspicious People, Items and Vehicles.  The following training modules will be covered:

  1. Terrorism Threat Awareness
  2. Aggressors’ Methods of Operation (AMO) & Potential Methods of Action (PMA)
  3. Behavior Detection
  4. Security Interviewing
  5. High-Stakes Deception Detection
  6. Identity Analysis (IDA)
  7. Threat Mitigation Procedures

Michael Rozin’s career has focused on counter-terrorism interventions for over 10 years. After serving as a Sergeant in a specialized infantry unit in the Israeli Defense Forces, Michael joined the Israeli Airport Authority where he worked as a security agent for Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv under the supervision of the Israeli Security Agency, (Shin Bet).  Throughout his employment with the ISA, Michael received several Outstanding Performance Awards.  Michael moved to the United States from Israel in 2005 and was hired by Mall of America (MOA) as Special Operations Security Captain to enhance the counter-terrorism capabilities of MOA Security Department.  In this capacity Michael has developed, implemented and managed a behavior detection unit and a variety of other innovative security programs focused on mitigating the threat of terrorism.  These programs have achieved results with national and international magnitude.  

In 2008 the security program Michael created for Mall of America was presented to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security as a model for security in the public sector.  Michael is a graduate of the Institute of Counter-Terrorism in the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzliya, Israel, where he attended a Masters Level Executive Counter-Terrorism Studies program. He is also a certified law-enforcement and civilian instructor in Krav Maga defensive tactics.  He is fluent in Russian, Bulgarian, Hebrew and English.

Go to: to browse our website and fill out the registration form.  If you have any questions, please call SPPD-PDI @ (651) 266-5652 or email:

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