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APPLE - Hawthorne Avenue


Hawthorne Avenue East 

Hawthorne Avenue Apple


Located in the backyard of 1148 Hawthorne Avenue near Lake Phalen, this apple tree is surely one of the largest in Saint Paul with a trunk diameter of 28 inches and canopy spread of nearly 40 feet.  While the exact variety is unknown, the tree produces an abundance of fruit that is reported to make a delicious apple pie.  Planted on the southwest corner of the house the large stature of this tree provides shade to the home and deck.  This tree can be viewed from the homeowne's driveway on the east side of the property.

SCIENTIFIC NAME   Malus sp.                                             DIAMETER                28”

LOCATION                1148 Hawthorne Avenue East          HEIGHT                      35’

NOMINATOR             Judy Monno                                       CROWN SPREAD      40’

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