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Tree Permit Application

Saint Paul's Forestry unit plants and maintains all public boulevard trees on a rotational schedule. View our planting and tree maintenance pages for schedules and more information.

Residents interested in having maintenance work performed on boulevard trees adjacent to their property or planting a boulevard tree need to apply for a free permit from the Forestry office

All maintenance work being performed on public boulevard trees requires a free permit issued by Saint Paul Forestry.

Guidelines for a successful permit application: 
  1. Please read and understand the terms and conditions printed on the back of the permit.
  2. You must use a licensed and insured contractor for any work on a public tree including pruning, maintenance, chemical treatment, or removal. A contractor may not be required to convert a public tree into a sculpture or to plant a boulevard tree. Please refer to our list of licensed and insured contractors.
  3. Once your application is received, Forestry staff will inspect the site and determine whether a permit shall be issued. If you apply for a permit to plant a tree, forestry staff will provide tree species and planting location recommendations. To view tree species selection and planting location criteria refer to the Street and Park Tree Master Plan.
  4. You must schedule Gopher State One Call to locate utilities before digging. The depth of utilities varies so it is not safe to assume that they will be missed by your spade. Gopher State One Call is a free service and you can submit a locate request online or call (800) 252-1166 or (651) 454-0002.

For information about proper planting techniques download a copy of the tree owner's manual provided by the USDA Forest Service.

Click here to access the permit application

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