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Monthly Water Analysis

Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) analyzes the treated water monthly for various physical and chemical properties. The results are used to monitor the effectiveness of the water treatment process and to assure that adequate levels of disinfection are present throughout the system.

Portions of the test results are reported regularly to state and federal agencies, including the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA also requires SPRWS to distribute an annual Water Quality Report.

Flavor Profile Analysis Panel
Addressing the aesthetic qualities of water has required special attention. Because the human sensory apparatus is far more sensitive than the most sophisticated laboratory equipment, SPRWS initiated the Flavor Profile Analysis Panel (FPAP), a taste-testing protocol developed by the American Water Works Association and now used nationwide. Utility employees were selected for the sensitivity of their taste and smell, and underwent extensive training to further sharpen their ability to identify the odors and tastes that can occur in water. Once trained, the panel members convene weekly at the McCarrons treatment plant. Using samples taken from locations throughout the distribution system, they describe and quantify the intensity of the flavor and odor of the water and develop a consensus. Their findings are then forwarded to the plant manager for action.

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