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AMERICAN ELM - Dayton Avenue


Dayton Avenue



Located just east of Lexington Parkway in front of 1080 Dayton Avenue, is this large American elm. This tree has provided beauty and shade for almost 100 years. Prior to the 1970’s, mature boulevard elms were common in Saint Paul creating a natural awning throughout the City. Since then, many mature elms succumbed to the devastating Dutch elm disease fungus. The residents living here, with a permit from the City of Saint Paul, have treated this tree with a preventative fungicide injection for almost 10 years. Currently, new disease resistant elm cultivars, such as Princeton, Accolade, and New Harmony, are being planted to restore the elm population back into the City landscape.

SCIENTIFIC NAME   Ulmus Americana                             DIAMETER                 55”

LOCATION                 1080 Dayton Avenue                        HEIGHT                      75’

NOMINATOR             Kyle Palmer                                       CROWN SPREAD     75’

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