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BASSWOOD - Mounds Park


Mounds Park



This native specimen tree is located in Mounds Park across from 1027 Thorn Street. Situated atop a small hill, this basswood serves as a landmark in the western area of the park.  Each spring the flowers of this basswood tree produce a pleasant fragrance that is enjoyed by not only the park visitors, but the honey bees as well. Their light wood is ideal for making musical instruments as it is easy to work with and has good acoustic properties. The basswood tree is known to have many medicinal qualities used to treat a wide range of ailments such as colds, fevers, infections, and high blood pressure.

SCIENTIFIC NAME   Tilia Americana                                 DIAMETER                 45”

LOCATION                 Mounds Park                                     HEIGHT                      71’

NOMINATOR             Karl Mueller                                      CROWN SPREAD     55’

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