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BUTTERNUT - Montrose and Riverwood Place


Montrose and Riverwood Place



Located on Montrose Place next to 2263 Riverwood Place, this butternut has a beautiful wide canopy and multi-stemmed form, which is common characteristic of the species. It is a true specimen due to its large size and good health. Unfortunately, most of the species in the eastern United States has been threatened by a fungal infection known as butternut canker. Due to the isolation from other butternuts, this tree remains unaffected by the butternut canker. Also known as white walnuts, butternuts are in the same family as black walnuts. White walnuts are valued more for their delicious nuts than for their wood. Butternuts are native to the southeastern portion of Minnesota.  

SCIENTIFIC NAME   Juglans cinera                                   DIAMETER                27

LOCATION                 2263 Riverwood Place                     HEIGHT                      47’

NOMINATOR             David Sundmark                               CROWN SPREAD     60’

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