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COTTONWOOD - Harriet Island


Harriet Island Regional Park 

Image taken by Teresa Boardman


Located at the west end of Harriet Island Regional Park, near Dr. Justus Ohage Drive and Kelley’s Landing, stands one of the largest trees in the city, a beautiful eastern cottonwood. Many of the trees in Harriet Island’s flood plain are cottonwoods which are well-adapted to this flood-prone area. When Harriet Island became a park in 1900, the tree had already established itself as a stately shade tree.  It’s estimated the tree dates back to the 1620’s. Growing in ideal conditions, cottonwoods have a maximum life span of 200-400 years. 

SCIENTIFIC NAME   Populus deltoides                             DIAMETER                 98”

LOCATION                 Harriet Island Regional Park           HEIGHT                      102’

NOMINATOR             Anna Hovland                                    CROWN SPREAD     82’

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