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Notification of Planting

  1. Residents will be notified up to a month before planting begins that a new tree will be planted on the boulevard.  
  2. Forestry staff will leave a door hanger at each residence receiving a new tree to let citizens know what type of tree will be planted and general care instructions.  Residents may call Forestry if you have an issue with the selected tree, and alternate tree types may be considered.
  3. A white "T" will be painted on the curb for the approximate planting location.
  4. A few days prior to planting, a white "X" will be painted on the boulevard to signify the exact planting location of the tree.
  5. Finally, the tree is structurally pruned, planted, watered and mulched.  We ask residents to help water the newly planted trees, as young trees require greater care in the first few years after transplantation.


Just a few of the benefits of boulevard trees:
  •     Decreases in air and noise pollution
  •     Lower heating and cooling costs
  •     Increase in stormwater retention
  •     Shade and wildlife habitat

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