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Sprinkler Permits
Right of Way Permit Desk

899 Dale Street North
Saint Paul, MN  55103-1512

Ph: (651) 266-6151
Fx: (651) 266-9765

8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday
Sprinkler permits are required whenever an underground sprinkler system is installed within the city of Saint Paul's right of way (Curb to property side of sidewalk).  

View city of Saint Paul Leigislative Code Chapter 129 Sprinkler Systems in Boulevards which states in part:  Any person, firm or corporation desiring to install an underground sprinkling system in the sodded area of the city right-of-way between the curb or gutter line and his or its private property shall make application for and receive a permit from the Director of Public Works before commencing installation.  If the undergound sprinkling system is to be supplied with water from the Saint Paul munipal water system, a permit must be obtained, prior to the installation, from the Saint Paul Water Utility in accordance with the Saint Paul Legislative Code Section 92.03.  

The sprinkler permit fee is $25.  An application must be submitted by the property owner or their representative along with a map showing approximate placement of sprinkler heads in the right of way. Sprinkler heads and supply lines must be installed a minimum of 6 inches from any public sidewalk or curb.  Request permit application forms from the Right of Way Permit Desk.        

Each sprinkler installer is required to be registered with the Right of Way Permit Desk and will be asked to provide proof of insurance naming the City as additional insured.  

For systems which link to the public water system contact Saint Paul Water Utility for permit information. 

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