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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are computerized traffic control and information systems.  A number of these systems are at work in the City of Saint Paul.  These systems work together to maximize efficiency and coordinate traffic control to provide the most accurate and timely traffic information to traffic engineers Hamilton's room 001.jpgand the traveling public.  ITS systems squeeze maximum efficiency from existing roadways.  This approach saves considerable resources and money by minimizing the need to build new roadways or widen existing ones. 

The City of Saint Paul's ITS systems are managed from a single traffic control center.  The ITS control center is primarily used to facilitate the development, programming, and optimization of the various ITS equipment and systems, which in turn provides the best possible traffic control. The ITS control center allows services to be delivered in a more timely manner than would be otherwise possible, provides a convenient means to monitor equipment failures,and in many ways saves significant time and money which, without central control, would be needed to physically travel to the remote field locations in order to provide the same functions.

                                                                                                        Traffic Management Center

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