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Section 3 Certified Business Lists
City of Saint Paul HUD Section 3 Business List
The City of Saint Paul Section 3 business list is available online. View the City of Saint Paul HUD Section 3 Business List. The Section 3 program reviews business applications for eligibility for the Section 3 program but does not endorse particular services provided by the businesses. Additionally, a business' eligibility for the program may have expired or changed since the time they were certified with the City. The City's HUD Section 3 program strongly encourages contractors utilizing St. Paul's HUD Section 3 list to perform due diligence by verifying a business' Section 3 status. 

If you would like a hard copy of the Section 3 Certified Business List, please contact the Section 3 Administrator at or 651-266-8900.

Federal HUD Section 3 Business Registry

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is pleased to announce the national expansion of the Section 3 Business Registry, which had been piloted previously in Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.   The Section 3 Business Registry allows businesses that meet one of the definitions of a Section 3 Business Concern to self-certify their status with HUD.  It also offers a searchable online database of self-certified Section 3 business concerns that can be used by government agencies, Public Housing Authorities, developers, contractors and non-profits to notify Section 3 business concerns about the availability of local HUD-funded contracts.  HUD anticipates that the Section 3 Business Registry will help increase the visibility of Section 3 business concerns and provide them better access to HUD-funded contracting opportunities in their communities.  Additionally, the registry is a valuable tool to help recipients of covered HUD funding achieve compliance with the requirements of Section 3.   Please visit to learn more about HUD’s Section 3 Business Registry.  

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