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West Midway Industrial Area Study
The Saint Paul City Council will held a public hearing and voted to adopt the West Midway Industrial Area Plan as an addendum to the Comprehensive Plan at the September 17, 2014 meeting.

West Midway Industrial Area Plan - Final Draft

West Midway Industrial Plan DRAFT 02-05-14
Executive Summary-May 2013
Draft- August 2013

The West Midway Study is focusing on how land use strategies can be used to strengthen the city’s industrial sector and employment base, while, at the same time, fit with an existing neighborhood accessible by light rail transit. 

Policy framework

Task Force
The City of Saint Paul Planning Commission appointed the West Midway Study Task Force, a community-based group chaired by Greg Haley and Planning Commissioner Jon Commers. It includes residents of Districts 11, 12, and 13, as well as representatives of railroad and trucking companies, business firms and property owners in the West Midway. 

The Task Force was charged with developing recommendations for consideration by the Planning Commission, City Council, and Mayor intended to position the 1,500-acre industrial area to take advantage of economic changes in the early 21st Century and construction of light rail transit as a major employment area for the city and the region.

The Task Force went on hiatus in 2011-2012 while the Northwest Quadrant Transportation Study was completed. The Task Force resumed their work in October 2012.

Relevant Documents

Current Snapshot
Map of West Midway Study Area
Map of Current Zoning in the West Midway
Facts about Jobs and Acreage
Acreage Analysis
West Midway Current Land Use

Clarification memo about industrial zoned land
Changes to Met Council Land Use - Calculations for Map

Change in Land Use - Industrial to Residential & Commercial

Change in Land Use - Residential to Industrial & Commercial

Central Corridor
Station Area Plans: Fairview, Westgate, Raymond Station Area Plans; Central Corridor Market Potential 
Central Corridor Zoning Study: Central Corridor/TN Zoning Study Overview
; CCZS Existing Zoning; CCZS Proposed Zoning; Non-conforming Uses 
Transportation connections:Connections Existing; Connections Proposed; Central Corridor Bus Route Map

West Midway as an employment center
Jobs by Industry Type in West Midway Study Area
Saint Paul Labor Market Update - March 2010
Saint Paul Location Quotient Bubble Chart
West Midway Employment Density 
NAICS Codes - West Midway Study Area Only
DEED ppt on Twin Cities Changing Labor Market
DEED Metro Economic and Labor market Trends and Projections
DEED Article - Defining Regional Industry Clusters 
NY Times Article - Excerpt on Manufacturing and Skills 
DEED Article - Keeping Manufacturing Strong in MN

Access and Transportation

Land Use - Transportation Worksheet (completed 10/11/10)
BNSF Intermodal Facility Summary Notes, and MN Commercial
MN Commercial Railway Summary Sheet
MN Comprehensive Statewide Freight and Passenger Rail Plan (Feb 2010) - excerpt
Trucking Projections Fact Sheet
Traffic Studies Fact Sheet (Northwest Quadrant and Snelling Avenue Studies)

West Midway Industry Clusters
Twin Cities Clusters in the West Midway - Background Summary Sheet

Cluster maps:

D&B Business Services Cluster Map
D&B Distribution Services Cluster Map
D&B Production Technology and Metal Manufacturing Cluster Map
D&B Financial Services Cluster Map
D&B Printing & Publishing Cluster Map
D&B Information Technology and Medical Devices Cluster Map
D&B Goods-related Transportation Map, NAICS 48
D&B Healthcare & Social Assistance Map, NAICS 62
D&B Administrative & Waste Services Map, NAICS 56
D&B Construction-related Map, NAICS 23
D&B Educational Services Map, NAICS 61
D&B Public Administration Map, NAICS 92

Job density:

West Midway Study Area D&B Jobs per acre, Block Calculation

West Midway Industry-specific Job Density - Average Square Feet per Firm Devoted to One Job

The staff contact for the West Midway Industrial Area Plan is Hilary Holmes, Planning and Economic Development,  at 651-266-6612

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