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Affirmative Action Program
The Affirmative Action Program Registration:
  • Captures the vendors workforce, by job category, with race, gender, disability status
  • Examines any underutilization of these protected class groups, by analyzing the availability of females and minorities in particular job categories and geographic areas.
  • Assists in setting goals and timetables for vendors to reach when there are hiring opportunities and/or underutilization implications

Registration Process
  • Step 1: Download the Affirmative Action Program Registration Form and return to the Compliance Officer.
  • Step 2: Compliance Officer reviews vendor's Affirmative Action Program Registration Form
  • Step 3: If approved, the Compliance Officer will issue a letter that certifies the vendor is registered.
    • The registration is only for a two-year period and can be renewed every two years by following the same process as outlined above
    • 6-month Semi-Annual Reports need to be submitted in order for a vendor to maintain compliance with AA/EEO requirements
    • The approval letter will contain:
      • The registration expiration date
      • The due dates of the Semi-Annual Reports

Note: It is important for vendors to maintain this approval letter for their records and to follow the reporting requirements.

Affirmative Action Plan
As part of the Affirmative Action Program Registration, the contractor must certify that it has developed and implemented an effective Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), which shall include hiring goals for the employment of women, minorities, and people with disabilities in the contractor's workforce. Contractors must keep their AAP onsite and available for inspection by the Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO) Department.

For more information about developing an effective AAP, visit Affirmative Action Plan.

Semi-Annual Reports
Semi-Annual Reports are a tool for Compliance Officers to monitor a vendor's personnel activities and affirmative action efforts. These reports contain information about a vendor's hiring, training, terminations or voluntary resignations, and promotion activity.

It is critical for vendors to maintain written records of all personnel activities and documentation of Good Faith Efforts to recruit and hire women, minorities and people with disabilities.

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