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Community Clean Up Opportunities
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Community Clean Up Events

The City of Saint Paul partners with local District Councils to organize annual Community Clean Up Events.  These events are an opportunity for residents to properly dispose of large refuse items, recycle materials not collected in the curbside program and share usable goods with others.  Clean Up Events
are scheduled May through October each year and is open to all Saint Paul residents.  We encourage you to visit an event in your neighborhood.

The City of Saint Paul is committed to recycling and reusing as much of the materials collected at these events as possible.  For exam
ple, tires, car batteries, appliances, scrap metal and electronics will all be recycled.  We support a monitored re-use area for residents to share usable household items with others.  Drop off participants are urged to check out the re-use area before heading home.  Bikes collected at the event will be restored and returned to the road for re-use.

Find an event near you. Check out the event calendar.

What can you expect when you visit your community clean up event? Watched the video!

Check your District Council website for pricing details and additional information.

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Citywide Spring Clean Up Event

Saturday, April 12th, 2014 - 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Volunteers needed: 1500 For event details and online registration visit: Parks & Recreation Natural Resources Events.
You can clean up in a park or on a neighborhood boulevard.  
 Bags and gloves provided.
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One Time or Designated Area Clean Up Commitment

There are a variety of opportunities for individuals, families, businesses and neighborhood organization to address the litter issues in our community. You can organize a one time area/street clean up or Adopt-a-Container or Adopt-a-Block for a short term commitment.  For details visit the ComeClean! web page.
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