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Reducing Your Waste
Each Minnesotan makes more than 2000 pounds of garbage each year. That's a ton of trash that you have to dispose of. Make less trash, have less to manage.

Find lots of tips on reducing your waste at home, work, school, when traveling and when shopping at

Want more tips? Of course you do. We have a few other areas where you can reduce.
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Whether it's something small like a dinner party or a bigger get together such as a family reunion, pre-planning is the key to reducing waste.

Green Gatherings is a guide that helps you plan events of all sizes with just the right "shade of green." Resources include planning guides, tips, case studies, helpful links and more. Here is our tip sheet that we send to anyone planning an event in Saint Paul. And when the City plans an event we have this additional Meeting and Event Planning Guide for Waste Reduction and Zero Waste                 

If you need event recycling and organics containers contact your District Council or contact Kris Hageman, Environmental Coordinator  or 651-266-8866 

Give It New Life Through the Free Market!


Most of us have something we no longer want or need. Instead of having it collect dust in the closet, give it away to someone who could put it to good use.

Eureka Recycling has a reuse program called the Twin Cities Free Market, a local website where you can list items to give away or search for free items available in your community. Visit the website today and benefit the environment, save money, and make someone’s day! Funding for Twin Cities Free Market is provided in part by Ramsey County. 

Learn how easy it is to use the Twin Cities Free Market by watching this short video.

Opt Out of Phone Books
Recycle your old phone books after the new phone books arrive at your home and/or business.

Better yet, if you don't use a phone book opt out. Visit Don't trash the and pick which, if any, phone books you want to receive.

If your items are no longer reusable, search the A to Z Recycling and Disposal Guide for information on how to recycle and/or properly dispose of them.
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