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Yard Waste Disposal

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Depositing any yard waste such as leaves, trash, dirt, and grass clippings, from the boulevard or private property into the street is prohibited. 

Ramsey County Yard Waste Drop-off Sites
Properly dispose of yard waste at one of these locations. Sites are open year-round to Ramsey County residents; there is no cost to use these sites.

New Winter Hours (December through March):                                                        Saturdays 9 am - 5 pm; Sundays 11 am - 5 pm

Food Waste/Organics accepted as well as holiday trees, wreaths and garland - no lights, ribbons or wire.

Ramsey County Yard Waste Drop-off Locations
Commercial Businesses:
Ramsey County Commercial Yard Waste Sites

State Law Requires Compostable Bags
If your yard waste is picked up by a hauler or recycler, state law now says you must use a reusable container or special bag that can be composted.  Plastic bags are not considered reusable containers and are banned. 

Watch this short video about the compostable bag law now in effect:

Rake Your Leaves
Keep leaves out of lakes and rivers by keeping them out of the streets and away from storm drains. 
Click here to learn why this is so important.

Report Illegal Dumping
To report illegal dumping to the City of Saint Paul, please call (651) 266-8989.

Click here to find information on composting.

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